A Shadow of Fear: The Situation of IDPs and Returnees in Afgoye

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Farhia Mohamud Afgoye district is 30 kilometers from Mogadishu’s capital; Southwest state’s interim capital, Baidoa, is 196 kilometers away from Afgoye. This distance creates a void in establishing a durable solutions unit and implementing those plans in Afgoye because of the security concerns present in the town. Therefore, the burden of receiving IDPs and returnees fell on the shoulders of the host community due to the absence of institutional support

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Somalia Return and Displacement Series: Rashid’s Story

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I lived in Dadaab refugee camp for 22 years. I grew up in Ifo and was schooled there. I trained in Dadaab as a teacher and found work there as a primary school teacher in English, mathematics and social studies. I got married in Dadaab and have 3 children.

Interview with UNHCR Special Envoy on the Somali Refugee Situation Ambassador Mohamed Abdi Affey

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The recently concluded London-Somalia conference held on 11 May 2017 brought together heads of states and governments from across the Horn and East Africa and other key partners as well as senior figures from international organisations. This was the third such conference, following similar events in 2012 and 2013. The aims of this year’s conference were to agree on coordinated support for a new security architecture, promote more inclusive, stable

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