A state-incorporated business: the migration economy along the Ethiopia–Sudan border town of Metema

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Kiya Gezahegne, Department of Social Anthropology, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia Abstract The pattern of migration from Ethiopia to Sudan, through the Metema border town, has proved complex and is expanding, making it difficult for government bodies to control and manage. Regardless of government efforts, every year substantial numbers of irregular migrants have been observed crossing the border into Sudan, some of them with the objective of going on to Europe.

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Migration and migration management on the Ethiopia–Sudan border: Research from Metema

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Oliver Bakewell, Kiya Gezahegne, Kelklachew Ali and Caitlin Sturridge This research project examines the interests of a range of stakeholders in different forms of migration in Metema, Ethiopia, in particular those who are indirectly involved in designing migration responses, such as the Bureau of Agriculture, health and education staff, traders and local community leaders. It asks what they know about migration, smuggling and trafficking, and what they see as the

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