Supported by the EU Trust Fund, the Research and Evidence Facility (REF) on migration in the Horn Of Africa has been created to collate and produce evidence and policy relevant knowledge.

We are conducting research on the drivers of migration, dynamics of cross-border economies and centre/periphery relations, the features and limitations of government migration management systems and social service provision, drivers of radicalism and violent extremism, and opportunities for strengthening resilience. The research is conducted by a consortium made up of SOAS as the lead partner, the University of Manchester and Sahan Research, based in Nairobi, Kenya.

The Horn of Africa (HoA) is a region with a long history of crises, including conflict, natural disasters, and mass displacement of people both within and across its borders. It is also one of the most diverse in term of cultures, ethnicities, and religions of the African continent. The region’s complexities, combined with a rapidly expanding and increasingly youthful population, are producing progressively more acute challenges to international peace and security.

Latest news, research and commentary

Mobility and COVID-19: A case study of Uganda

By Kalyango Ronald Sebba. Uganda registered its first case of COVID 19 on 22 March 2020. With events evolving fast, the socio-economic impacts were not immediately clear, and the government framed the pandemic in terms of health rather than socio-economic factors,

New working paper – Baidoa Municipality initiatives on population displacement and urbanisation: key lessons learned and the way forward

Baidoa Municipality initiatives on population displacement and urbanisation: key lessons learned and the way forward is the latest working paper from the Research and Evidence Facility,

Video: Challenges and opportunities from the application of the CRRF with ReDSS

In this video, Cate Osborn from ReDSS talks about key findings and recommendations from their 2019 research

Food security during the COVID-19 pandemic: overlapping challenges, emerging responses in the Horn of Africa

By Louisa Brain and Laura Hammond, SOAS University of London. This blog was originally posted on Italian Institute for International Political Studies‘ website.

New working paper: Ethiopia-South Africa migration barriers and momentum

Read our latest working paper ‘Migration barriers and migration momentum: Ethiopian irregular migrants in the Ethiopia-South Africa migration corridor‘ by Yordanos Estifanos and Tanya Zack. 

COVID-19 and mobility, conflict and development

While much has been said about COVID-19 as a leveller – disregarding borders, race, and class – its unfolding in the Horn of Africa (HoA) illustrates the way it overlaps with and exacerbates existing political and social inequalities

Watch: our approach to migration research

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