Podcast: South Sudan’s decades of displacement

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People in South Sudan have experienced decades of forced displacement and cross-border mobility, resulting in families split across the country and neighbouring Sudan, Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda. According to the United Nations as of 2021, more than four million South Sudanese citizens were displaced either internally or internationally. Samuel Hall in collaboration with Research and Evidence Facility (REF) explored the experiences of displacement, return, and reintegration among South Sudanese refugees,

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South Sudan’s decades of displacement: Understanding return and questioning reintegration

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REF and Samuel Hall Research This study explores the experiences of displacement, return and reintegration among South Sudanese refugees, returnees and internally displaced persons (IDPs). The overall objective of the research is to understand the factors influencing displacement within and from South Sudan, and return to South Sudan from refugee hosting areas. Over 1,000 respondents were interviewed for this study between December 2021 and February 2022. Research locations included Juba,

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Who are the ‘returnees’ in South Sudan?

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South Sudan is experiencing different types of movements that are often labelled as ‘return’. Despite ongoing insecurity and a chronic shortage of essential services, it has been estimated that 505,511 refugees[1] and 1,183,666 IDPs have returned to their areas of origin within the country since 2018.[2] At the same time, with an estimated 2 million internally displaced persons (IDPs) and 2.2 million refugees registered in hosting countries, South Sudan remains

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