Is China about to close the door?

By Aki Elborzi|May 11, 2022|Politics|

Dominik Mierzejewski analyses two recent domestic political discussions in China in the context of the upcoming 20th National Congress of the Communist Party.

Hong Kong’s Iron Man

By Aki Elborzi|May 10, 2022|Politics|

Duncan Bartlett writes that while John Lee has the backing of China’s Communist Party to be the new CEO of Hong Kong, the city’s international reputation is at stake following a turbulent period.

Xi’s Status in China’s New History Resolution

By Aki Elborzi|February 21, 2022|Politics|

Dongyu Sun examines the November 2021 Resolution of the CCP in which Xi Jinping has been given equal status to only Mao Zedong, and placed above Deng Xiaoping as a paramount leader of the People’s Republic of China.

America’s alarm over China’s military modernisation

By Aki Elborzi|November 10, 2021|Politics|

Trusted media outlets claim that Beijing is becoming increasingly powerful in cyberwarfare and missile technology. Duncan Bartlett says readers should consider the sources of the reports before reaching conclusions.