The Industrial Policy Effects of China’s Free Trade Zones

By Aki Elborzi|December 1, 2023|Economics|

Janu Du writes that the concentration of industries in FTZs can result in a reallocation of productivity, potentially leading to the “hollowing out” effect in existing industries, which can have a beggar-thy-neighbour effect on regional growth.

Some of China’s best laid plans are going awry

By Aki Elborzi|February 23, 2022|Uncategorized|

Hong Kong has recently seen a surge in Omicron cases. If it spreads to mainland China, it could torpedo zero-COVID, causing significant economic disruption, and political embarrassment, writes George Magnus.

Going after the private sector: Xi on a mission

By Aki Elborzi|August 24, 2021|Economics|

George Magnus reflects on whether the crackdown on private firms and entrepreneurs is a compulsive political campaign leading China down an economic path it would not otherwise choose.