Xi’s Status in China’s New History Resolution

By Aki Elborzi|February 21, 2022|Politics|

Dongyu Sun examines the November 2021 Resolution of the CCP in which Xi Jinping has been given equal status to only Mao Zedong, and placed above Deng Xiaoping as a paramount leader of the People’s Republic of China.

America’s alarm over China’s military modernisation

By Aki Elborzi|November 10, 2021|Politics|

Trusted media outlets claim that Beijing is becoming increasingly powerful in cyberwarfare and missile technology. Duncan Bartlett says readers should consider the sources of the reports before reaching conclusions.

China’s BRI in Israel-Palestine

By Aki Elborzi|September 7, 2021|Politics, SOAS Alumni|

SOAS alumna Jacinthe Nourrit explores the geo-economic opportunities and geopolitical uncertainties of Chinese encroachment in the Israel-Palestine conflict.