Bridgeman Education – our new image database

By Jiyeon Wood|January 16, 2015|Art and Archaeology, Unknown|0 comments

Have you tried new image database in SOAS Library? Bridgeman Education (follow on Twitter at @BridgemanEd) is an online educational image resource to use in learning, teaching and scholarly research. The database includes over 650,000 copyright cleared images sourced from the world’s major museums, galleries, contemporary artists and private collections. The database provides access to the visual culture from ancient time through to Modern and Contemporary art and architecture. Furthermore, it provides

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Digital Commons Network – easy free access to 1000s of full-text scholarly articles

By David Pearson|December 9, 2014|Unknown|0 comments

Digital Commons Network The Digital Commons Network provides free access to full-text scholarly articles and other research from hundreds of universities and colleges worldwide. Curated by university librarians and their supporting institutions, this dynamic research tool includes peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters, dissertations, working papers, conference proceedings, and other original scholarly work. Clicking “Explore” anywhere on the multicolored Discipline Wheel opens a Commons page for a particular academic discipline. From

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New DVD cases in SOAS Library

By Jiyeon Wood|September 19, 2014|Music, Media and Film Studies, Unknown|0 comments

SOAS Library has implemented security cases for Short Loan DVDs over the summer. Short Loan DVDs (stacks 58-59, Level E) are now kept in security cases which need to be unlocked. Items can be issued and unlocked at the Issue Desk. If you are using the self-service machine, do not forget to unlock the DVD using the swipe device just outside Library entrance. When you return the item via self-service

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Opening up your research: a guide to self-archiving

By David Pearson|September 1, 2014|Anthropology and Sociology, Art and Archaeology, China and Inner Asia, Development Studies, Financial and Management Studies, Gender, History, Information Literacy, Japan, Korea, Law, Linguistics, Literature, Middle East, Central Asia & Islamica, Music, Media and Film Studies, Politics and International Relations, Religions, South Asia, South East Asia, Unknown|0 comments

Making your research available on open access services increases citation and helps ensure greater impact, argues Deborah Lupton. In this post she has advice for sociologists in particular on different ways to self-archive, formatting and how to overcome barriers such as complex copyright legislation. Read the full article here. Deborah Lupton is a Professor in the Department of Sociology and Social Policy, University of Sydney. She blogs at This Sociological Life and tweets @DALupton and is currently writing

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An Introduction to the World of Shan Manuscripts

By Jotika Khur-Yearn|August 19, 2014|Anthropology and Sociology, Archival collections, Linguistics, Literature, Religions, South East Asia, Unknown|0 comments

Sample of Shan Manuscript Covers The tradition of producing manuscripts has been an important custom among Shan communities for centuries. The production of manuscripts is in fact a way of publishing, as was also the case in other countries before the era of printing press, but the tradition still continues in Shan communities even in the age of eprint or online publication (although this tradition of making manuscript is now fast

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Trial: The Sustainable Organisation Library

By Victoria Bird|July 29, 2014|Development Studies, Economics, Financial and Management Studies, Unknown|0 comments

The Sustainable Organisation Library is an online library of around 8000 book chapters, case studies and research papers drawn from nearly 600 books and journal issues, focused on sustainability and social responsibility, featuring leading thinkers in sustainability and social responsibility. The SOL collection covers sustainability in its broadest sense, addressing the social, environmental and economic aspects. Topics include: CSR Environment Social Enterprise Management Education Investment Accountability Poverty Reporting Strategy Stakeholders Diversity

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Free journal articles on management (for a limited time)

By Victoria Bird|July 25, 2014|Financial and Management Studies, Unknown|0 comments

The below articles, some featuring well known global brands as case studies, are free to access from Emerald for one month: Motivation and job satisfaction Management Decision Mark A. Tietjen, Robert M. Myers Google Scholar: the pros and cons Online Information Review Péter Jacsó Customer loyalty and customer loyalty programs Journal of Consumer Marketing Mark D. Uncles, Grahame R. Dowling, Kathy Hammond The naked truth of celebrity endorsement British Food

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Commodity Prices in Ancient Babylon 385 – 61 BC

By Victoria Bird|July 24, 2014|Ancient Near East, Semitics and Judaica, Economics, Financial and Management Studies, History, Unknown|0 comments

Yesterday morning I was shown an interesting piece on the International Institute of Social History website about commodity pricing in late Achaemenid and Hellenistic Babylon, by R.J. van der Spek from Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. The prices were recorded alongside other data by astronomers in the employ of the king. There are six key commodities in the listing: these are barley, dates, mustard, cress, sesame and wool. The earliest commodity price in

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Trial access to Asian Films Online from Alexander Street Press

By Jiyeon Wood|July 15, 2014|Anthropology and Sociology, China and Inner Asia, Films and Sound Recordings, Japan, Korea, Linguistics, Middle East, Central Asia & Islamica, Music, Media and Film Studies, Politics and International Relations, South Asia, South East Asia, Unknown|0 comments

We have trial access to Asian Film Online Volumes I and II from Alexander Street Press until 15th August 2014. Asian Film Online is an online streaming video collection of narrative feature films, documentaries, and shorts.This will be useful for scholarship in Asian studies, Middle Eastern studies, political science, postcolonial theory and criticism, anthropology, and linguistics. Asian Film Online: Volume I features more than 600 hours of film across the region with

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An anthropologist writes: Love Bite: Why Uruguayans Revere Luis Suárez

By David Pearson|July 15, 2014|Unknown|0 comments

West Virginia University Professor Daniel Renfrew writes a timely piece in the Huffington Post – Love Bite: Why Uruguayans Revere Luis Suárez He has written previous about Suárez – Translating Race and Culture: Critical Perspectives on the Suarez-Evra English Football Race Row Image credit: “U09 Luis Suárez 7540” by Ailura – Own work. Licensed under CC-BY-SA-3.0-at via Wikimedia Commons.