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By Jiyeon Wood|January 16, 2015|Art and Archaeology, Unknown|0 comments

Have you tried new image database in SOAS Library?

Bridgeman Education (follow on Twitter at @BridgemanEd) is an online educational image resource to use in learning, teaching and scholarly research. The database includes over 650,000 copyright cleared images sourced from the world’s major museums, galleries, contemporary artists and private collections. The database provides access to the visual culture from ancient time through to Modern and Contemporary art and architecture.

Furthermore, it provides a comprehensive and cross-curricular online image library suitable for various areas of study; from Art and Art History to Science and Geography, Religious Studies, Photography and Fashion, Architecture and Archaeology, Politics and Philosophy and many more subjects.

Images can be downloaded to your computer or you can save them as slideshow online.  The license covers for all educational non-commercial use of images only.

Please send any question, feedback to Jiyeon Wood on


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