[New e-Resources] Seoul Press Online

By Jiyeon Wood|May 9, 2022|Japan, Korea|

The Seoul Press (published 1907-1937) was Japan’s Korean news flagship. Its mission was to validate the natural justice of Japanese imperialism in Korea, and Japan as the redeeming, organising, and modernising force in East Asia. The Seoul Press represented the Japanese administration of Korea to the world. The Collection include the years 1907-09 and 1928-37.  SOAS Library has Photographic reproduction of Nos.22-576 (Mar.1907-Dec.1908) only so this acquisition fills the gap

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Religions – December 2014 and January 2015.

By Emma Wilson-Shaw|February 20, 2015|Religions|0 comments

General and thematic Convulsing bodies: religion and resistance in Foucault / Mark D. Jordan The myth of religious violence: secular ideology and the roots of modern conflict / William T. Cavanaugh The devil: a new biography / Philip C. Almond Logical positivism [by] C.A. Qadir. Global religious movements across borders: sacred service / edited by Stephen M. Cherry [&] Helen Rose Ebaugh Medicine and religion: a historical introduction / Gary

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Korea – August to October 2014

By Emma Wilson-Shaw|December 8, 2014|Korea|0 comments

The state, religion, and thinkers in Korean Buddhism / Robert M. Gimello … [et al.]. Global history of Korean Buddhism / Kim Yong-tae. Eastern learning and the heavenly way : the Tonghak and Ch’ŏndogyo movements and the twilight of Korean independence / Carl F. Young. The trust-building process and Korean unification / edited by Choi Jinwook. Claims to territory between Japan and Korea in international law / Pilkyu Kim. India

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Religions – October 2014

By Emma Wilson-Shaw|December 4, 2014|Religions|0 comments

Comparative and thematic Material culture and Asian religions: text, image, object / edited by Benjamin J. Fleming and Richard D. Mann. Objects of worship in South Asian religions: forms, practices and meanings / edited by Knut A. Jacobsen, Mikael Aktor, Kristina Myrvold The family of Abraham: Jewish, Christian, and Muslim interpretations / Carol Bakhos Unbelievable: why we believe and why we don’t / Graham Ward. Religion in development: rewriting the

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History – July 2014

By Emma Wilson-Shaw|August 20, 2014|History|0 comments

General & comparative Visualizing knowledge and creating meaning in ancient writing systems / edited by Shai Gordin State, faith, and nation in Ottoman and post-Ottoman lands / Frederick F. Anscombe Africa Contesting Caprivi: a history of colonial isolation and regional nationalism in Namibia Africa (4th edn) / edited by Maria Grosz-Ngaté, John H. Hanson, and Patrick O’Meara Dead was everything / Keith Smith The death penalty in Africa: foundations and

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Korea – July 2014

By Emma Wilson-Shaw|August 7, 2014|Korea|0 comments

Female images of God in Christian worship : in the spirituality of Tongsunggido of the Korean church / MyungSil Kim. Exploring Korea : traditional and modern / edited by the Center for International Affairs. South Korea’s rise : economic development, power and foreign relations / UK Heo, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee and Terence Roehrig, US Naval War College. Innovation and global competition : the case of Korea / editors, Frederick

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Korea – June 2014

By Emma Wilson-Shaw|July 2, 2014|Korea|0 comments

Function-based spatiality and the development of Korean communities in Japan : a complex adaptive sytems theory approach / David Rands. Consolidation of democracy in South Korea? / Gabriel Jonsson. North Korea–US relations under Kim Jong Il : the quest for normalization? / Ramon Pacheco Pardo. Korean education in changing economic and demographic contexts / Hyunjoon Park, Kyung-keun Kim, editors. Death, mourning, and the afterlife in Korea : ancient to contemporary

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Korea – May 2014

By Emma Wilson-Shaw|June 5, 2014|Korea|0 comments

교학 한국사 대사전 / [편집인 변 태섭, 강 우철]. Ilseung beopgye-do wontong-gi : Master Gyunyeo’s commentary on the Dharma realm diagram of the one vehicle / from lectures by Master Gyunyeo translated into modern Korean by Choe Yeon-shik translated into English by Han Chang-ho, Choe Yeon-shik and Koh Seung-hak based on the Korean edition. An encyclopedia of Korean Buddhism / Ven. Hyewon and David A. Mason. Reflections of a Zen

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Korea – April 2014

By Emma Wilson-Shaw|May 7, 2014|Korea|0 comments

Representing the cultural other : Japanese anthropological works on Korea / edited by Hyup Choi. Living on your own : single women, rental housing, and post-revolutionary affect in contemporary South Korea / Jesook Song. The Korean popular culture reader / Kyung Hyun Kim and Youngmin Choe, editors. An affair with Korea / Vincent S.R. Brandt. Evolving Asian culture gateways : the Korean wave and beyond / Su Jung Kim, Kalinga

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History – March 2014.

By Emma Wilson-Shaw|April 15, 2014|History|0 comments

General & comparative The look of the past: visual and material evidence in historical practice / Ludmilla Jordanova. Visualizing beauty: gender and ideology in modern East Asia / edited by Aida Yuen Wong. A brief history of Chinese and Japanese civilizations [4th edition] / Conrad Schirokauer … [et al.]. Decolonisation: the British experience since 1945 [2nd edition] / Nicholas J. White. History on film/film on history [2nd edition] / Robert

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