Religions – December 2014 and January 2015.

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General and thematic Convulsing bodies: religion and resistance in Foucault / Mark D. Jordan The myth of religious violence: secular ideology and the roots of modern conflict / William T. Cavanaugh The devil: a new biography / Philip C. Almond Logical positivism [by] C.A. Qadir. Global religious movements across borders: sacred service / edited by Stephen M. Cherry [&] Helen Rose Ebaugh Medicine and religion: a historical introduction / Gary

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Korea – August to October 2014

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The state, religion, and thinkers in Korean Buddhism / Robert M. Gimello … [et al.]. Global history of Korean Buddhism / Kim Yong-tae. Eastern learning and the heavenly way : the Tonghak and Ch’ŏndogyo movements and the twilight of Korean independence / Carl F. Young. The trust-building process and Korean unification / edited by Choi Jinwook. Claims to territory between Japan and Korea in international law / Pilkyu Kim. India

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Religions – October 2014

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Comparative and thematic Material culture and Asian religions: text, image, object / edited by Benjamin J. Fleming and Richard D. Mann. Objects of worship in South Asian religions: forms, practices and meanings / edited by Knut A. Jacobsen, Mikael Aktor, Kristina Myrvold The family of Abraham: Jewish, Christian, and Muslim interpretations / Carol Bakhos Unbelievable: why we believe and why we don’t / Graham Ward. Religion in development: rewriting the

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History – July 2014

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General & comparative Visualizing knowledge and creating meaning in ancient writing systems / edited by Shai Gordin State, faith, and nation in Ottoman and post-Ottoman lands / Frederick F. Anscombe Africa Contesting Caprivi: a history of colonial isolation and regional nationalism in Namibia Africa (4th edn) / edited by Maria Grosz-Ngaté, John H. Hanson, and Patrick O’Meara Dead was everything / Keith Smith The death penalty in Africa: foundations and

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Korea – July 2014

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Female images of God in Christian worship : in the spirituality of Tongsunggido of the Korean church / MyungSil Kim. Exploring Korea : traditional and modern / edited by the Center for International Affairs. South Korea’s rise : economic development, power and foreign relations / UK Heo, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee and Terence Roehrig, US Naval War College. Innovation and global competition : the case of Korea / editors, Frederick

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Korea – June 2014

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Function-based spatiality and the development of Korean communities in Japan : a complex adaptive sytems theory approach / David Rands. Consolidation of democracy in South Korea? / Gabriel Jonsson. North Korea–US relations under Kim Jong Il : the quest for normalization? / Ramon Pacheco Pardo. Korean education in changing economic and demographic contexts / Hyunjoon Park, Kyung-keun Kim, editors. Death, mourning, and the afterlife in Korea : ancient to contemporary

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Korea – May 2014

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교학 한국사 대사전 / [편집인 변 태섭, 강 우철]. Ilseung beopgye-do wontong-gi : Master Gyunyeo’s commentary on the Dharma realm diagram of the one vehicle / from lectures by Master Gyunyeo translated into modern Korean by Choe Yeon-shik translated into English by Han Chang-ho, Choe Yeon-shik and Koh Seung-hak based on the Korean edition. An encyclopedia of Korean Buddhism / Ven. Hyewon and David A. Mason. Reflections of a Zen

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Korea – April 2014

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Representing the cultural other : Japanese anthropological works on Korea / edited by Hyup Choi. Living on your own : single women, rental housing, and post-revolutionary affect in contemporary South Korea / Jesook Song. The Korean popular culture reader / Kyung Hyun Kim and Youngmin Choe, editors. An affair with Korea / Vincent S.R. Brandt. Evolving Asian culture gateways : the Korean wave and beyond / Su Jung Kim, Kalinga

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History – March 2014.

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General & comparative The look of the past: visual and material evidence in historical practice / Ludmilla Jordanova. Visualizing beauty: gender and ideology in modern East Asia / edited by Aida Yuen Wong. A brief history of Chinese and Japanese civilizations [4th edition] / Conrad Schirokauer … [et al.]. Decolonisation: the British experience since 1945 [2nd edition] / Nicholas J. White. History on film/film on history [2nd edition] / Robert

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Korea – March 2014

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Confucius in East Asia : Confucianism’s history in China, Korea, Japan, and Viet Nam / Jeffrey L. Richey. The Korean wave : Korean popular culture in global context / edited by Yasue Kuwahara. Infected Korean language, purity versus hybridity : from the sinographic cosmopolis to Japanese colonialism to global English / By Koh Jongsok Translated by Ross King. Power, place, and state-society relations in Korea : neo-confucian and geomantic reconstruction

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