Korea – March 2014

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Confucius in East Asia : Confucianism’s history in China, Korea, Japan, and Viet Nam / Jeffrey L. Richey. The Korean wave : Korean popular culture in global context / edited by Yasue Kuwahara. Infected Korean language, purity versus hybridity : from the sinographic cosmopolis to Japanese colonialism to global English / By Koh Jongsok Translated by Ross King. Power, place, and state-society relations in Korea : neo-confucian and geomantic reconstruction

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History – February 2014

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General & Comparative A cultural history of the human body / [general editors, Linda Kalof and William Bynum]. The encyclopedia of global human migration / edited by Immanuel Ness. Africa Orán-Mazalquivir, 1589-1639: una sociedad española en la frontera de Berbería / Beatriz Alonso Acero.  Where the Negroes are masters: an African port in the era of the slave trade / Randy J. Sparks. The ancient Red Sea port of Adulis

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Religions – February 2014

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General & Comparative The Bible on silent film: spectacle, story and scripture in the early cinema. David J. Shepherd. The Three Sons of Abraham: interfaith encounters between Judaism, Christianity and Islam / edited by Jacques B. Doukhan  Philosophy and the study of religions: a manifesto / by Kevin Schilbrack. Buddhism The Buddhist goddess Marishiten: a study of the evolution and impact of her cult on the Japanese warrior / by

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Korea – February 2014

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New challenges for maturing democracies in Korea and Taiwan / edited by Larry Diamond and Gi-Wook Shin. China’s internal and external relations and lessons for Korea and Asia / edited by Jung-Ho Bae and Jae H. Ku. The feasibility of a Korea-China FTA and its potential economic effects / Zhao Jin long. Sul / [written by Park Rock Darm, Lee Kun Wook translated, Park Jung-eun].  Korean abstract painting : a

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History – December 2013 and January 2014

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General & Comparative Farewell to Salonika: city at the crossroads / Leon Sciaky. Transatlantic slavery: an introduction / [text by Richard Benjamin … and David Fleming]. Borders: a very short introduction / Alexander C. Diener and Joshua Hagen.  Red stamps and gold stars: fieldwork dilemmas in upland socialist Asia / edited by Sarah Turner Early modern things: objects and their histories, 1500-1800 / edited by Paula Findlen. Medicine and colonialism:

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Korea – January 2014

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On the formation of the upper monastic area of Seon Buddhist temples from Korea’s late Silla to the Goryeo era / Lee Seung-yeon. Visual politics and North Korea : seeing is believing / David Shim. The story of North Korea told by a North Korean refugee / Jang Jin Seong. Dialogue with North Korea? : preconditions for talking human rights with a hermit kingdom / Geir Helgesen and Hatla Thelle.

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Korea – December 2013

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Inside Korea : discovering the people and culture / Kim Jong-hyuk … [et al.] Religion in Korea : harmony and coexistence / [writer, Robert Koehler editor, Jang Woo-jung]. South Korea advances toward a multicultural society / by Eun Mee Kim … [et al.]. The flavor and wisdom of Korean / by Jeon Kyu-tae. An ally and empire : two myths of South Korea-United States relations, 1945-1980 / Park Tae Gyun

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Anthropology and Sociology – August to November 2013

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An anthropology of images : picture, medium, body / Hans Belting ; translated by Thomas Dunlap. Carnival and cannibal ; Ventriloquous evil / by Jean Baudrillard ; translated by Chris Turner. The spirit of mourning : history, memory and the body / by Paul Connerton. Material memories / by edited by Marius Kwint, Christopher Breward and Jeremy Aysnley. From Berg’s Materializing culture series…“This book is an attempt to understand the

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Korea – November 2013

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The Korean wave : Korean media go global / edited by Youna Kim. Practicing feminism in South Korea : the women’s movement against sexual violence / Kyungja Jung. Northeast Asia’s nuclear challenges / edited by Su Hoon Lee. Income inequality in Korea : an analysis of trends, causes, and answers / [Chong-Bum An, Barry P. Bosworth]. Anti-dumping duty and firm heterogeneity : evidence from Korea / Seungrae Lee and Joo

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Korea – October 2013

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The making of Korean Christianity : Protestant encounters with Korean religions, 1876-1915 / Sung-Deuk Oak. Practising feminism in South Korea / Kyungja Jung. Korean political and economic development : crisis, security, and institutional rebalancing / Jongryn Mo and Barry R. Weingast. Japanese/Korean linguistics. Vol. 20 / edited by Bjarke Frellesvig and Peter Sells. A resource for Korean grammar instruction / Mee-Jeong Park and Sung-Ock S. Sohn. Hwang Byungki : traditional

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