Trapped by the System – the Plight of Coca Farmers in Colombia

By Raiyan Mohammad Syed|March 16, 2022|Conflict, Health, Labour|0 comments

A reflection from the recent Drugs and Disorder conference (“image of coca farmers Colombia – Bing images,” n.d.) I had a chance to attend the Drugs and Disorder Conference from Feb 14-16, where I had an opportunity to learn about how drugs affect individual lives in Myanmar and Colombia ; I specifically learned how the demand for the cocaine that comes from the manufacturing process of coca leaves has impacted

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Unpacking rural America: What the American meatpacking industry tells us about agri-food chains, monopolies and labour.

By 643577|August 12, 2019|Agriculture, Labour, Student blogs|0 comments

This blog was written by postgraduate student Adam Charles Wilman as an assessment for the module ‘Global Commodity Chains, Production Networks and Informal Work’, and selected for the blog by Dr Alessandra Mezzadri. In the early 1900s American journalist Upton Sinclair published his exposé on the working conditions facing immigrant labour in American industrial cities. His grizzly illustrations were first published in the socialist newspaper Appeal to Reason in 1905

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The march out of the sweatshop: on work and life after the garment factory

By 643577|March 1, 2019|Labour|0 comments

This post is written by Alessandra Mezzadri, Senior Lecturer in Development Studies at SOAS and author of The Sweatshop Regime (CUP, 2017). When it comes to the fate of sweatshop workers worldwide, one of the most under-researched areas of concern is what happens to them upon leaving the sweatshop. We know all about the poor wages they get, their little access to social contributions, and their great exposure to occupational health

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India’s Land Question

By Jo Tomkinson|October 23, 2016|Journal of Agrarian Change|0 comments

Michael Levien is an Assistant Professor at the Johns Hopkins University. His research focuses on India and seeks to advance a nascent sociology of dispossession. He teaches on international development, agrarian change, dispossession, and social theory. This post is part of the Journal of Agrarian Change blog, hosted on the Development Studies at SOAS blog. It is a summary of the talk given by the author as part of the Agrarian

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Will the TPP be Good for Workers in Vietnam?

By Jo Tomkinson|December 12, 2015|Labour, Uncategorized|0 comments

Joe Buckley studied the MSc Labour, Social Movements and Development programme at SOAS from 2012-2013. He is currently a PhD candidate in the SOAS Department of Development Studies, researching labour informalisation in Vietnam. He Tweets at @JoeJBBuckley. International trade deals are often condemned because of the effect they will have on workers’ wages, conditions, and bargaining power. In America, Democrat party members and trade unionists are currently campaigning against the Trans-Pacific Partnership

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