The uncomfortable truths — who we are and the politics of self-representation

By 643577|January 4, 2020|Decolonising development|0 comments

This post is written by Ján Michalko.* The essay was published on the Politics of Representation blog, based at the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge and published via Medium. It is republished here under the terms of UK Creative Commons Licensing.  The political system of apartheid — a colonial, white supremacist, patriarchal regime in South Africa — had a profound impact on researchers and academics. For example, as South African sociologist Edward

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Women’s Rights and the Arab Uprisings

By Jo Tomkinson|February 19, 2016|Social movements, Women's rights|0 comments

Ahlem Belhadj is a practitioner and teacher of child psychiatry in Tunisia. She co-founded the Coalition for Sexual and Corporal Rights in Muslim Societies and won the 2012 Simone de Beauvoir Prize. She has authored several books on child psychiatry, the abuse of children and women and women’s rights. She has also been described as ‘The Arab Spring’s Tunisian Heroine’.  In December 2015 Ahlem Belhadi gave a lecture in the

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