History: new acquisitions February & March 2017

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This is a selection of titles received by SOAS Library for the History collections during February and March 2017.

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Comparative and thematic

The great convergence: information technology and the new globalization / Richard Baldwin – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10055303

Medicine and empire, 1600-1960 / Pratik Chakrabarti. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10206580

Rape during civil war / Dara Kay Cohen – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10206773

Clausewitz on small war / Carl von Clausewitz; edited and translated by Christopher Daase and James W. Davis; with an introductory essay by James W. Davis. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10206774

Internationalisms: a twentieth-century history / edited by Glenda Sluga (University of Sydney), Patricia Clavin (University of Oxford) – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10206775

The concept of history: how ideas are constituted, transmitted and interpreted / by Dmitri Nikulin – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10206796

Writing history: a guide for students / William Kelleher Storey, Millsaps College – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10207010

The houses of history: a critical reader in history and theory / [selected and introduced by] Anna Green and Kathleen Troup.- https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10207011

What is urban history? / Shane Ewen – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10207017

What is gender history? / Sonya O. Rose – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10207052

Esoteric Buddhism in mediaeval maritime Asia: networks of masters, texts, icons / edited by Andrea Acri – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10053322

Cultural history and postmodernity: disciplinary readings and challenges / Mark Poster. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10214888

Europe after empire: decolonization, society, and culture / Elizabeth Buettner, University of Amsterdam. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10215189


East Africa

A history of modern Uganda / Richard J. Reid – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10213612

West Africa

Jihād in West Africa during the age of revolutions / Paul E. Lovejoy – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10206795

Southern Africa

Who killed Hammarskjold? : the UN, the Cold War and white supremacy in Africa [2nd edn.] / Susan Williams – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10206873

Sol Plaatje’s Native life in South Africa : past and present / edited by Janet Remmington, Brian Willan and Bhekizizwe Peterson ; foreword by Njabulo S. Ndebele – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10052516

 Central Asia

Molla Nasreddin : polemics, caricatures & satires / Slavs and Tatars; edited by Cristoph Keller – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10215190

China and Tibet

Libraries of Western learning for China: circulation of Western books between Europe and China in the Jesuit Mission (ca. 1650 – ca. 1750). Volume 1, Logistics of book aquisition and circulation / Noël Golvers. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10008754

The beautiful country and the Middle Kingdom: America and China, 1776 to the present / John Pomfret. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10206891

The habitable city in China: urban history in the twentieth century / Toby Lincoln and Xu Tao – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10213312

Japan and Korea

White ghosts of Nagasaki / Ron Bryer – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10050018

Near and Middle East

Semiramis’ legacy: the history of Persia according to Diodorus of Sicily / Jan Stronk. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10206636

Days of Ticho: empire, mandate, medicine, and art in the Holy Land / David M. Reifler. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/

Ships of the desert and ships of the sea: Palmyra in the world trade of the first three centuries CE / Eivind Heldaas Seland – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10213643

Prisons in the late Ottoman Empire: microcosms of modernity / Kent F. Schull.- https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10206735

Istanbul: a tale of three cities / Bettany Hughes – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10213874

Religion in the Achaemenid Persian empire: emerging Judaisms and trends / edited by Diana Edelman, Anne Fitzpatrick-McKinley, and Philippe Guillaume. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10206777

Ottoman rural societies and economies: Halcyon Days in Crete VIII : a symposium held in Rethymno 13-15 January 2012 / edited by Elias Kolovos. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10206686

Ctesias’ Persica and its Near Eastern context / Matt Waters. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10214049

The history of Afghanistan: Fayż Muḥammed Kātib Hazārah’s Sirāj al-tawārīkh. Volume 3, Conclusion. Volume 4 / edited and translated by R.D. McChesney and M.M. Khorrami. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10214306

South Asia

Colonial Lahore: a history of the city and beyond / Ian Talbot, Tahir Kamran – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10213781

Inglorious empire: what the British did to India / Shashi Tharoor. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10214007

Southeast Asia

The third force in the Vietnam Wars: the elusive search for peace 1954-75 / Sophie Quinn-Judge – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10052657

American imperial pastoral: the architecture of US colonialism in the Philippines / Rebecca Tinio McKenna. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10214052

Reporting the retreat: war correspondents in Burma, 1942 / Philip Woods – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10215227


Comparative and thematic

Cultures in contact [electronic resource]: world migrations in the second millennium / Dirk Hoerder – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10214947

What is migration history? / Christiane Harzig and Dirk Hoerder ; with Donna Gabaccia. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10214948

What is urban history? / Shane Ewen. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10215297

Gender and history / Susan Kingsley Kent. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10216159

Companion to historiography [electronic resource] / edited by Michael Bentley.- https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10215180

Historians on history: readings / edited and introduced by John Tosh – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10215182

Making history [electronic resource]: an introduction to the history and practices of a discipline / edited by Peter Lambert and Phillipp Schofield. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10215179

Religion in museums: global and multidisciplinary perspectives / edited by Gretchen Buggeln, Crispin Paine, and S. Brent Plate – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10215215

Britain, France, West Germany and the People’s Republic of China 1969-1982: the European dimension of China’s great transition / Martin Albers. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10215177

The lion’s share: a short history of British imperialism, 1850-2011 / Bernard Porter – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10215493

The key to power? : the culture of access in princely courts, 1400-1750 / edited by Dries Raeymaekers and Sebastiaan Derks. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10215214

Regional histories

Popular Muslim reactions to the Franks in the Levant, 1097-1291 / Alex Mallett – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10213725

WechselWirkungen : Austria-Hungary, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and the Western Balkans, 1878-1918 / edited by Clemens Ruthner, Diana Reynolds Cordileone, Ursula Reber, and Raymond Detrez – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10213905

Islam in West Africa: religion, society, and politics to 1800 / Nehemia Levtzion – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10214327

Scent from the Garden of Paradise: musk and the Medieval Islamic world / by Anya H. King – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10214831

Writing African history [electronic resource] / edited by John Edward Philips. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10215183

Sophist kings: Persians as other in Herodotus / Vernon L. Provencal – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10215229

The Ghazi sultans and the frontiers of Islam: a comparative study of the late medieval and early modern periods / Ali Anooshahr – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10215334

The medieval Islamic hospital: medicine, religion, and charity / Ahmed Ragab. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10215580

Ataturk : An Intellectual Biography. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10215968

The empire that would not die: the paradox of eastern Roman survival, 640-740 / John Haldon. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10216158

German religious women in late Ottoman Beirut: competing missions / by Julia Hauser – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10216312

Urban Autonomy in Medieval Islam : Damascus, Aleppo, Cordoba, Toledo, Valencia and Tunis / by Fukuzo Amabe. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10216303



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