Study of Religions: new acquisitions, February & March 2017

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This is a selection of titles received by SOAS Library for the Study of Religions collections during February and March 2017.

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Please note that E-book content is accessible to SOAS staff and students only, with institutional log-in

Comparative and thematic

Materiality and the study of religion: the stuff of the sacred / edited by Tim Hutchings and Joanne McKenzie –

Judaism, Sufism, and the pietists of medieval Egypt: a study of Abraham Maimonides and his times / Elisha Russ-Fishbane. –

Theory in a time of excess: beyond reflection and explanation in religious studies scholarship / edited by Aaron W. Hughes. –

Which religion, what ideology? : the (religious) potentials for peace and violence / edited by Janez Juhant and Bojan Žalec. –

Philosophy of religion: towards a more humane approach / John Cottingham, University of Reading and Heythrop College, university of London. –

The Bloomsbury reader in religion and childhood / edited by Anna Strhan, Stephen G. Parker, and Susan Ridgely. –


Esoteric Buddhism in mediaeval maritime Asia: networks of masters, texts, icons / edited by Andrea Acri –

Foucault, Buddhism and the rules of Buddhist monks / by Malcolm Voyce –

Oxford handbook of contemporary Buddhism / edited by Michael Jerryson. –

Christianity (Western and Eastern)

Libraries of Western learning for China: circulation of Western books between Europe and China in the Jesuit Mission (ca. 1650 – ca. 1750). Volume 1, Logistics of book aquisition and circulation / Noël Golvers. –

The Garima Gospels: early illuminated Gospel books from Ethiopia / Judith S. McKenzie and Francis Watson ; with preface and photographs by Michael Gervers ; and contributions by Matthew R. Crawford, Linda R. Macaulay, Sarah S. Norodom, Andres T. Reyes, and Miranda E. Williams –

An Andalusian Arabic version of the four Gospels (Bayer. Staatsbibl., München, cod. Arab. 238) / edited by Hanna E. Kassis. –

La conversion de Gaza au christianisme: la vie de S. Porphyre de Gaza par Marc le Diacre (BHG 1570) / édition critique, traduction, commentaire par Anna Lampadaridi. –

Cross veneration in the medieval Islamic world: Christian identity and practice under Muslim rule / Charles Tieszen –


Jihād in West Africa during the age of revolutions / Paul E. Lovejoy –

Islam under the Palestine Mandate: colonialism and the Supreme Muslim Council / Nicholas E. Roberts. –

Shamanism and Islam: Sufism, healing rituals and spirits in the Muslim world / edited by Thierry Zarcone and Angela Hobart –

Jihad in premodern Sufi writings / Harry S. Neale –

Letters to a young Muslim / Omar Saif Ghobash –

The way of the strangers: encounters with the Islamic State / Graeme Wood –

Rumi’s secret: the life of the Sufi poet of love / Brad Gooch. –

Spiritual resurrection in Shiʻi Islam: an early Ismaili treatise on the doctrine of qiyāmat : a new Persian edition and English translation of the Haft bāb by Ḥasan-i Maḥmūd-i Kātib / edited and translated by S. J. Badakhchani ; foreward by Christian Jambet –

Muslim cool: race, religion, and hip hop in the United States / Su’ad Abdul Khabeer. –

Qur’an of the oppressed: liberation theology and gender justice in Islam / Shadaab Rahemtulla. –


The Sikhs: their religious beliefs and practices [2nd edition] / W. Owen Cole and Piara Singh Sambhi. –


Dao de jing: making this life significant : a philosophical translation / Roger T. Ames and David L. Hall –


Comparative and thematic

Abrahamic religions: on the uses and abuses of history / Aaron W. Hughes. –

Religion, NGOs, and the United Nations: visible and invisible actors in power / edited Jeremy Carrette and Hugh Miall. –

Religion in museums: global and multidisciplinary perspectives / edited by Gretchen Buggeln, Crispin Paine, and S. Brent Plate –

The Routledge handbook of Muslim-Jewish relations / [edited by] Josef Meri –

Middle Eastern Founders of Religion: Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Zoroaster, and Baha’u’llah. –

Religion, tradition and the popular: transcultural views from Asia and Europe / Judith Schlehe, Evamaria Sandkühler, editor ; contributors Peter J. Braunlein [and ten others]-


Faith specific

St. John Damascene [electronic resource] : tradition and originality in Byzantine theology / Andrew Louth. –

Race and religion in American Buddhism: white supremacy and immigrant adaptation / Joseph Cheah –

Islam in West Africa: religion, society, and politics to 1800 / Nehemia Levtzion –

Islam and postcolonial discourse / edited by Esra Mirze Santesso and James E. McClung –

Islamic masculinities / Lahoucine Ouzgane, editor. –

Prayer in the city: the making of Muslim sacred places and urban life / Patrick A. Desplat, Dorothea E. Schulz (eds.). –

Women in Islamic societies: a literature review of social science scholarship / Ruth Ulrich, editor. –

What is veiling? / Sahar Amer. –

Roads to paradise: eschatology and concepts of the hereafter in Islam / edited by Sebastian Gunther, Todd Lawson, with the assistance of Christian Mauder. –

Women and the transmission of religious knowledge in Islam [electronic resource] / Asma Sayeed. –

On the Muslim question / Anne Norton –

Islamic liberation theology: resisting the empire / Hamid Dabashi. –

Theological reflections on the Hong Kong umbrella movement / Justin K.H. Tse, Jonathan Y. Tan, editors. –

Religious language and Asian American hybridity / Julius-Kei Kato. –

The gendered politics of the Korean Protestant Right: hegemonic masculinity / Nami Kim –

Hindu worldviews: theories of self, ritual and divinity / Jessica Frazier. –

A social history of the Ise shrines: divine capital / Mark Teeuwen and John Breen. –

German religious women in late Ottoman Beirut: competing missions / by Julia Hauser –

Urban Autonomy in Medieval Islam : Damascus, Aleppo, Cordoba, Toledo, Valencia and Tunis / by Fukuzo Amabe. –




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