The Telegraph: Focus on slavery is putting black children off history, teachers warned

By Saskia Kerkvliet|October 18, 2018|In the Media|0 comments

18 October, 2018 by Camilla Turner “Teachers must stop devoting so much time to slavery because it puts black children off History, the Royal Historical Society has said. “A new report by the society has found that the ‘seemingly relentless focus’ on the exploitation and abolition of slavery can be ‘intellectually limiting and, at times, alienating; for black pupils. “Aside from slavery, the history of British black and minority ethnic

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openDemocracy: Secondary school curriculums remain sorely lacking in diversity

By Saskia Kerkvliet|June 28, 2018|In the Media|0 comments

28 June 2018 by Mie Astrup Jensen “Over the last five years, there has been a remarkable surge in student activism and campaigning aimed at decolonising higher education across the globe. In South Africa, the 2015 #FeesMustFall protests have grown into a movement that is fighting to transform historically Afrikaans universities. While in Chile, the 2011-2013 student demonstrations pressured the government to adopt a tuition-free policy in 2016, with the

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