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By Caroline Osella|September 6, 2018|Uncategorized, Worthing|0 comments

This is our new address. Caroline Osella has now left SOAS, after 20 years, and will be spending much more time in and around Worthing and much less time in London. WoBy’s activities continue, freelance and freestyle @ https://worthingethnographic.com/ Come and see? Caroline Osella / WoBy- now at worthingethnographic.com                  

A highly convivial space.

By Caroline Osella|August 8, 2018|The English Seaside Town and Whiteness, Uncategorized, Worthing|0 comments

When you arrived, there were few people. Some of them were playing badminton in a foursome and immediately greeted you warmly and offered you a place in the game. You replaced two adults (who went off to check on preparations) and began to share giggles and ineffectual shots, plus  plenty of misses, with two pre-teen girls who were dressed very unsuitably for sport (this being a party, after all). When

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Getting high on a Sunday morning and moving like not-Jagger.

By Caroline Osella|July 2, 2018|Uncategorized, Worthing|0 comments

  Sunday morning, 9.30 am, a Worthing dance studio.  Oddly (if you’re used to choreography and dance as a practice of rigorous self-correction), black-out blinds blank out all the full wall mirrors. Like No Lights, No Lycra then, this looks like one of those places where we’re being encouraged to let go of self-consciousness and drop into our bodies, uncensored by fears of being ridiculous or not moving ‘right’. Shoes off,

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Knitting for Penguins.

By Caroline Osella|May 8, 2018|Do You Belong to Worthing?, Uncategorized, Worthing|0 comments

When events spatter bleach onto the red velvet of your life (as they will, my darling, oh they will, at some point), you might need people around you who are salvage experts. If they coshed you and bashed you with texts, emails, calls, status updates, tweets, snapchats, instas, whatsapps, and you need to step right out for an hour or so and find out whether you can still hear an

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Smells like grease … and racism.

By Caroline Osella|April 12, 2018|Do You Belong to Worthing?, Uncategorized|1 comments

Coast Cafe used to be a small, too-busy, hole in the wall which smelt of cooking grease and served, ‘we’ve got beachfront monopoly’, priced Brit food.The outdoor space there and the music scene was good – but as a cafe, there’s plenty better. Then suddenly, Coast reappeared as a huge venue, spreading beach-to-park, proper inside toilets, table service, expanded menu and a host of staff. And it’s still really puzzling

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Architects, rejoice! For the space does make the place.

By Caroline Osella|March 27, 2018|Do You Belong to Worthing?, Uncategorized, Worthing|2 comments

The matinee audience for Northbrook’s Little Shop of Horrors is mostly students and families, but the cast gives as if they were on Broadway, with a tight and well-choreographed chorus and four protagonists who compel us into their world. I forget that Mushnik is not actually a middle-aged NY Jewish momma, so assured and technically strong is Emma Cobby’s performance. Joshua Rennells’ DDS pulls us in with a queasy and

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Getting Error Messages or ‘Unsafe site’ messages?

By Caroline Osella|March 22, 2018|Uncategorized, Worthing|0 comments

Return visitor to the blog and getting error message saying it’s unsafe? It’s not unsafe – apart from some content, possibly :-). SOAS IT tell me that you need to refresh. What’s happened is that SOAS blog site security certificates lapsed and were renewed and so anybody going in from a cache is on the old certificate. Make a new search for ‘Worthing By Accident’ and you’ll get in and

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What Do Teens Think …. On a Night Like This?

By Caroline Osella|March 11, 2018|Do You Belong to Worthing?, Uncategorized, Worthing|3 comments

Gary and Bambi’s exhibition opens with a reception in the museum. There’s around 100 people taking in the works, huddled inside enclosures of huge pen and ink drawings in humanity’s most fundamental colours: white, red, black. Sumi-e style cats and rabbits are cheekily juxtaposed with Sailor Jerry-esque cheeky 1950s pin-ups.  Gary reads three of his poems, which always feel honest and vulnerable in a mood-tense so extreme that it risks gesturing

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Play That Funky Holiday Inn Sex Thing, Blondie!!

By Caroline Osella|February 22, 2018|Do You Belong to Worthing?, Uncategorized, Worthing|0 comments

70s night! Rock Sizemore, DJ, is long and lean, with legs like Rob Evans’ – but encased in brown crimplene flares. Rock’s hair is also pretty super-model: almost white blonde, to the collar, wavy; and with a zapata mussie to match. As you’d expect, his shirt does not let the rest of his outfit down and we’re not even attempting a description here, without the benefit of psychoactive drugs. We’re on the

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Worthing Being, Becoming, Belonging (part 2 from Bardic Antics).

By Caroline Osella|February 5, 2018|Do You Belong to Worthing?, Uncategorized, Worthing|0 comments

Sensing movement, Woby* grabs the hem of the Bard’s cloak. The rush pulls Woby in and makes terrifying MRI scan noises as the energetic Bard flips upside down, makes the necessary secret hand gestures, and thereby gets sucked through the angelic wings. It’s not ideal to go through a portal by holding onto somebody else, but Woby hasn’t yet managed to get those hand gestures right, much less perfect a

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