Economics – June to November 2013

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Scale and scope : the dynamics of industrial capitalism / Alfred D. Chandler, Jr. with the assistance of Takashi Hikino. [Also available as an e-book from ebrary] Women and austerity : the economic crisis and the future for gender equality / edited by Maria Karamessini and Jill Rubery. Immigration, poverty, and socioeconomic inequality / David Card and Steven Raphael, editors. Further mathematics for economic analysis / Knut Sydsaeter … [et

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Economics – June 2013

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Economic theory in a changing world : policymaking for growth / edited by Sajal Lahiri, Pradip Maiti. Capital as will and imagination : Schumpeter’s guide to the postwar Japanese miracle / Mark Metzler.

Economics – June 2012

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The international political economy of transition : neoliberal hegemony and Easter Central Europe’s transformation / Stuart Shields. Land tenure, gender and globalisation : research and analysis from Africa, Asia and Latin America / edited by Dzodzi Tsikata & Pamela Golah. Employment, growth and development : a post-Keynesian approach / edited by Claude Gnos and Louis-Philippe Rochon. Basic econometrics / Damodar N. Gujarati, Dawn C. Porter. The role of governance in

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Economics and Finance – May 2012

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What global economic crisis? / edited by Philip Arestis, Michelle Baddeley and John McCombie. [Also available as and e-book from Dawsonera] Financial stability in practice: Towards an uncertain future/ Charles A.E. Goodhart, Dimitrios P. Tsomocos. Convergence of banking regulations on International norms in the Southern Mediterranean: Impact on bank performance and growth.  Sustainability science : a multidisciplinary approach / edited by Hiroshi Komiyama … [et al.]. Alternatives to neoliberal globalization

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Economics – April 2012

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Just transitions : explorations of sustainability in an unfair world / Mark Swilling, Eve Annecke. New pathways out of poverty / edited by Sam Daley-Harris, Anna Awimbo. Advocacy across borders : NGOs, anti-sweatshop activism and the global garment industry / Shae Garwood. The rice crisis : markets, policies and food security / ed. by David Dawe. Poor economics: a radical rethinking of the way to fight global poverty / Abhijit

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