China and Inner Asia – September 2012 to May 2013

By Emma Wilson-Shaw|June 24, 2013|China and Inner Asia|0 comments

Migration, prostitution, and human trafficking : the voice of Chinese women / Min Liu. Taiwan and the rise of China : cross-strait relations in the twenty-first century / edited by Baogang Guo and Chung-chian Teng. Taiwanese identity in the 21st century : domestic, regional, and global perspectives / edited by Gunter Schubert and Jens Damm. Tibet : a history / Sam Van Schaik. Harmony and war : Confucian culture and

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South Asia – May 2013

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Agriculture and a changing environment in Northeastern India / editor, Sumi Krishna. The making of Bihar and Biharis : colonialism, politics and culture in modern India, c. 1870-1912 / Narendra Jha. The Tibetan world of the Indian Himalayas : an ethnography of the ‘garden of Dakini’ / Tanase Jiro. Filming fiction : Tagore, Premchand, and Ray / edited by M. Asaduddin and Anuradha Ghosh. The underside of things : India

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Anthropology and Sociology – April 2013

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Frontiers and boundaries, encounters on China’s margins / edited by Zsombor Rajkai and Ildikó Bellér-Hann. Explores processes of drawing, maintaining and transgressing spatial and conceptual boundaries on the margins of imperial and modern China. Imaging and imagining Taiwan : identity representation and cultural politics / edited by Bi-yu Chang and Henning Klöter. Read an abstract of this work. Co-written by a SOAS academic. Searching for Zion / Emily Raboteau Documents

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Anthropology and Sociology – January and February 2013

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Youth and globalization in Central Asia : everday life between religion, media, and international donors / Stefan Kirmse Immaterial bodies : affect, embodiment, mediation / Lisa Blackman. Asian popular culture : new, hybrid, and alternate media / edited by John A. Lent and Lorna Fitzsimmons. Highlife Saturday night : popular music and social change in urban Ghana / Nate Plageman. Poverty and exclusion of minorities in China and India /A.S.

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China and Inner Asia – January 2013

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Is China a responsible developing country? : climate change diplomacy and national image building / Sanna Kopra. Modalities of change : the interface of tradition and modernity in East Asia / James Wilkerson and Robert Parkin, editors. [Also available as an e-book via Dawsonera] Cybercrime in the Greater China Region : regulatory responses and crime prevention across the Taiwan Strait / Yao-Chung Chang. 二十世紀中國文學圖志 / 楊義, 中井政喜, 張中良著. 經濟史、都市文化與物質文化 :

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International Migrants Day

By Emma Wilson-Shaw|December 18, 2012|Development Studies, Law, Politics and International Relations|0 comments

Studying Migration? Today is the UN International Migrants Day.The Library has many books and other resources on this topic. In honour of the day, here are some selected items of relevance to this topic: The Journal of Refugee Studies, available online, explores the complex problems of forced migration and national, regional and international responses. Recent book acquisitions in the Library include: Labour migration and human trafficking in Southeast Asia : critical Perspectives

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Fascinating event on South Asians of African descent

By Farzana Whitfield|October 11, 2012|Africa, Anthropology and Sociology, South Asia|0 comments

I find this a very fascinating and absorbing part of South Asian/African history. So it is wonderful to know that on the 18th October, the Institute of Commonwealth Studies presents an evening seminar titled African Diaspora in Asia: Cultural Survivals, Codes & Signifiers. This event explores a small part of the diaspora,  in order to understand the diversity of  South Asians of African descent.  The presentations on India and Sri Lanka are based on

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South Asia – August 2012

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Devadattīyam : Johannes Bronkhorst felicitation volume / François Voegeli et al. Political economy of communications in India : the good, the bad and the ugly / Pradip Ninan Thomas. Migration, remittances, and development in South Asia / edited by Saman Kelegama. Pilgrimage in the Hindu tradition : salvific space / Knut A. Jacobsen. Where there is no midwife : birth and loss in rural India / Sarah Pinto. [Also available

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Politics and International Relations – July 2012

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Empires and indigenes : intercultural alliance, imperial expansion, and warfare in the early modern world / edited by Wayne E. Lee. International history & international relations / Andrew Williams, Amelia Hadfield, Simon Rofe. Adskillelsens politik. English. The democratic contradictions of multiculturalism / Jens-Martin Eriksen & Frederik Stjernfelt. The politics of coalition : how the Conservative – Lib Dem government works. Postcolonial migrants and identity politics / edited by Ulbe Bosma,

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Ancient Near East, Semitics and Judaica – June 2012

By Emma Wilson-Shaw|July 6, 2012|Ancient Near East, Semitics and Judaica|0 comments

Ancient Near East Mobile pastoralism and the formation of Near Eastern civilizations: weaving together society / Anne Porter Looking north : the socioeconomic dynamics of the northern Mesopotamian and Anatolian regions during the late third and early second millennium BC / edited by Nicola von Laneri, Peter Pfälzner and Stefano Valentini Une bibliothèque au sud de la ville : textes 1994-2002 en cunéiforme alphabétique de la maison d’Ourtenou / Pierre Bordreuil et

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