Student showcase: “The Digital Identity”

By Matti Pohjonen|June 11, 2019|Digital cultures, Research, Students, Video|1 comments

As a part of the course work at the Centre for Global Media and Communication, we encourage students to explore old academic debates in new and creative ways.  For instance, in the Global Digital Cultures MA degree that I convene, this option has been built into the digital assignments that students engage with throughout the year.  Such assignments allow the students both a breather from more rigid classical form of academic essay writing style but also provide a new innovative way for them to explore critical theoretical debates in a visual language that many of them – often previously digital media practitioners – feel very comfortable with.

We will showcase here a few of the students work in the coming months.  My pleasure to begin this by presenting the wonderful video by Ayah Ewaiwi below.



By Ayah Ewaiwi

In the digital age, all internet users have some form of a digital trail composed of their personal information and behaviours. As this information is collected and stored by organisations, it is turned into different formats of profiles based on our trail and online interactions which also contributes to behavioural prediction. The Digital Identity (2018) is a short film that sheds light on digital surveillance and its impacts on our future. By measuring my personal digital footprint over a single day, I visualize the various ways in which data output can be tracked, manipulated, and exploited.

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  1. This is wonderful work. Very imaginative and creative!

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