Development Studies – April 2013

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Coffee and power : revolution and the rise of democracy in Central America / Jeffery M. Paige The art of coercion : the primitive accumulation and management of coercive power / Antonio Giustozzi. The new protectorates : international tutelage and the making of liberal states / James Mayall, Ricardo Soares De Oliveira, editors. Understanding economic growth in China and India : a comparative study of selected issues / Yanrui Wu.

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Politics and International Relations – April 2013

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Paths toward the modern fiscal state : England, Japan, and China / Wenkai He. Battleground Telangana : chronicle of an agitation / Kingshuk Nag. Chinese foreign policy : an introduction / Marc Lanteigne. Peacemaker : twenty years of inter-Korean relations and the North Korean nuclear issue : a memoir / by Lim Dong-won. North Korea in transition : politics, economy, and society / edited by Kyung-Ae Park and Scott Snyder.

Economics – April 2013

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China’s economic development : institutions, growth and imbalances / Lu Ming … [et al.].  Multinational business finance / David K. Eiteman, Arthur I. Stonehill, Michael H. Moffett. Paths toward the modern fiscal state : England, Japan, and China / Wenkai He.

Development Studies – November 2012

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Politics from afar : transnational diasporas and networks / [edited by ] Terrence Lyons and Peter Mandaville. Basic water science / Ajaya Dixit. The Communist revolution in Asia; tactics, goals, and achievements. Edited by Robert A. Scalapino.  The Elgar companion to development studies / edited by David Alexander Clark. [Also available as an e-book from Dawsonera] Decoding subaltern politics : ideology, disguise, and resistance in agrarian politics / James C.

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