Michel de Montaigne [b.1533] – the first blogger?

By David Pearson|August 14, 2013|Philosophy|0 comments

Interesting stuff, listen to the podcast if nothing else… [ Reblogged from John Naughton’s Memex 1.1 (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) While making breakfast this morning I listened to the latest episode of Nigel Warburton’s and David Edmond’s wonderful Philosophy Bites podcast — a discussion of Montaigne with Sarah Bakewell, whose lovely book on the essayist I have read and enjoyed. Like most all of the Philosophy Bites podcasts, this one was thought-provoking and accessible (and I heartily recommend

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Twiplomacy: studying world leaders’ use of Twitter

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You might already know that U.S. President @BarackObama is the World’s most followed leader on Twitter. But do you know who is Twitter’s most influential world leader? Or who is most likely to reply to tweets? (Pope Francis  and the Ugandan Prime Minister @AmamaMbabazi respectively). Flickr: World map of Flickr and Twitter locations Some rights reserved by Eric Fischer

Several useful resources for Social Scientists

By Victoria Bird|April 12, 2013|China and Inner Asia, Korea, Politics and International Relations, South East Asia|0 comments

Reproduced with permission from LSE’s Heather Dawson’s excellent “social science sites of the week” email- a round up of new and interesting news for Social Scientists. Thanks Heather! Amnesty international annual review of the Death Penalty. The Amnesty international annual review of the Death Penalty was released this week. See which country executed the most people. The site also has images and video content. Also useful is the World Coalition Against the Death Penalty which

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Nigerians Shake Up Twitter with Yoruba-Language Tweets

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Interesting article from Global Voices: Twitter was abuzz with Yoruba, one of the three major indigenous languages spoken in Nigeria, on March 1, 2013 as speakers of the language lit up the microblogging site with tweets in Yoruba as part of a campaign to celebrate the language on social media and pressure Twitter to include it in its translation project. Nigeria, famed for a population of 160 million, officially speaks English but

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Music, Media and Film Studies – June 2012

By Emma Wilson-Shaw|July 13, 2012|Music, Media and Film Studies|0 comments

Raga and music in the Sikh holy scriptures / Savita Bakshi. Tribal dances of India / Usha Mehta. Trance, ritual, and rhythm : the cult of Mahasu Deota in the western Himalayas / Hans Utter. The new (ethno)musicologies / edited by Henry Stobart. Development of Hindustani classical music (19th & 20th centuries) / Rama Saraf. Boro Baba- Ustad Alauddin Khan / Sahana Gupta née Khan. Gāundā jāe wanạjārā / Sāhila

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Music, Media and Film Studies – May 2012

By Emma Wilson-Shaw|May 1, 2012|Music, Media and Film Studies|0 comments

Postcolonial cinema studies / edited by Sandra Ponzanesi and Marguerite Waller. World music : a global journey / Terry E. Miller & Andrew Shahriari. Newspeak in the 21st century / David Edwards & David Cromwell. Net smart : how to thrive online / Howard Rheingold drawings by Anthony Weeks. The art of free cooperation / edited by Geert Lovink and Trebor Scholz.