International Journal of Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage (new on open-access)

By Mary Fisk|February 23, 2015|Anthropology and Sociology, Religions|0 comments

The International Journal of Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage (IJRTP) was founded by an international group of researchers – the Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage Expert Group – in 2013 and is published by the Dublin Institute of Technology. The journal is a member of DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals) Content has a global cover, and includes thematic and cross-disciplinary articles as well as those focusing on a particular faith or

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Middle East, Central Asia and Islamica – September 2013

By Emma Wilson-Shaw|October 21, 2013|Middle East, Central Asia and Islamica|0 comments

Islam Les deux routes syrienne et égyptienne de pèlerinage au nord-ouest de l’Arabie Saoudite / Alî Ibrâhîm al-Ghabbân. Maṭāliʻ al-nūr al-sanī al-munbiʼ ʻan ṭahāraẗ nasab al-Nabiyy al-ʻarabī / ʻan ʻAbdī Afandī al-Būsnawī taḥqīq Josef Dreher.;”مطالع النو السنّي المنبيء عن طهارة نسب النب العربي / عن عبدي أفندي البوسنوي تحقيق يوسف دريهر” Family planning in the legacy of Islam / Abdel Rahim Omran Rock the Casbah : rage and rebellion across the

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Anthropology and Sociology – January and February 2013

By Emma Wilson-Shaw|March 15, 2013|Anthropology and Sociology|0 comments

Youth and globalization in Central Asia : everday life between religion, media, and international donors / Stefan Kirmse Immaterial bodies : affect, embodiment, mediation / Lisa Blackman. Asian popular culture : new, hybrid, and alternate media / edited by John A. Lent and Lorna Fitzsimmons. Highlife Saturday night : popular music and social change in urban Ghana / Nate Plageman. Poverty and exclusion of minorities in China and India /A.S.

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