New acquisitions in SOAS Library August-October 2018: History (comparative and thematic subjects)

By Mary Fisk|October 29, 2018|History|

This is a selection of titles on comparative and thematic historical topics received by SOAS Library for the History collections between August and October 2018

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In print

Empires and exchanges in Eurasian late antiquity: Rome, China, Iran, and the steppe, ca. 250-750 / edited by Nicola Di Cosmo & Michael Maas –

Milk of Paradise: a history of opium / Lucy Inglis –

An intimate history of humanity / Theodore Zeldin. –

Sword and scimitar: fourteen centuries of war between Islam and the West / Raymond Ibrahim ; with a foreword by Victor Davis Hanson –

The Homeric epics and the Chinese “Book of songs”: foundational texts compared / edited by Fritz-Heiner Mutschler. –

The encyclopedia of empire (4 volumes) / editor-in-chief John M. MacKenzie ; assistant editor Nigel R. Dalziel ; associate editors Nicholas Doumanis, Michael W. Charney. –

Why learn history (when it’s already on your phone) / Sam Wineburg. –



This fleeting world: a short history of humanity / David Christian –

Universal history and the making of the global / edited by Hall Bjørnstad, Helge Jordheim and Anne Régent-Susini. –

(Dis)placing empire : renegotiating British colonial geographies / edited by Lindsay J. Proudfoot, Michael M. Roche –

Self-determination and history in the third world / David C. Gordon. –

From sight to light: the passage from ancient to modern optics / A. Mark Smith. –

Italian colonialism and resistances to empire, 1930-1970 / Neelam Srivastava. –

A companion to global historical thought / edited by Prasenjit Duara, Viren Murthy, and Andrew Sartori. –

Liberating Histories / Claire Norton –

Postcolonial transitions in Europe: contexts, practices and politics / edited by Sandra Ponzanesi and Gianmaria Colpani ; [foreword, Paul Gilroy ; introduction, Gianmaria Colpani and Sandra Ponzanesi ; contributors, Anca Parvulescu [and others] –

Postcolonial intellectuals in Europe: critics, artists, movements, and their publics / edited by Sandra Ponzanesi and Adriano José Habed. –

History: why it matters / Lynn Hunt. –

The invention of tradition / edited by Eric Hobsbawm and Terence Ranger. –

Writing imperial histories / edited by Andrew S. Thompson.-

The Palgrave Handbook of Climate History –

The British End of the British Empire / Sarah Stockwell. –

Remaking the modern world 1900-2015: global connections and comparisons / C. A. Bayly. –

Columbus and the Quest for Jerusalem / Carol Delaney –

The development century: a global history / edited by Stephen J. Macekura & Erez Manela –

Citizens without nations: urban citizenship in Europe and the world, c.1000-1789 / Maarten Prak –

Global trade and the transformation of consumer cultures: the material world remade, c. 1500-1820 / Beverly Lemire, University of Alberta. –

Globalization in prehistory: contact, exchange, and the “people without history” / edited by Nicole Boivin, Michael D. Frachetti. –

Trade and civilisation: economic networks and cultural ties, from prehistory to the early modern era / edited by Kristian Kristiansen, Thomas Lindkvist, & Janken Myrdal-

Informal empire and the rise of one world culture / Gregory A. Barton –

History and Material Culture: a student’s guide to approaching alternative sources [2nd edn.]  / edited by Karen Harvey –

Authoring the past [electronic resource]: writing and rethinking history / edited by Alun Munslow. –

The politics of method in the human sciences [electronic resource]: positivism and its epistemological others / George Steinmetz, editor. –

Nations and their histories: constructions and representations / edited by Susana Carvalho and François Gemenne. –

Siting translation: history, post-structuralism, and the colonial context / Tejaswini Niranjana. –




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