New acquisitions for SOAS Library August – October 2018: History (regional collections)

By Mary Fisk|October 29, 2018|Africa, China and Inner Asia, History, Middle East, Central Asia & Islamica, South Asia|

This is a selection of titles received by SOAS Library for the Regional History collections between August and October 2018

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Print Books

European history

The Russian Revolution: a view from the third world / Walter Rodney ; edited and with an introduction by Robin D.G. Kelley and Jesse J. Benjamin ; foreword by Vijay Prashad. –


Le Maghreb en guerre: 1939-1945 / Chantal Metzger. –

First raise a flag: how South Sudan won the longest war but lost the peace / Peter Martell –

Central Asia

The coming of the Mongols / edited by David O. Morgan and Sarah Stewart; in association with the London Middle East Institute at SOAS. –

Statehood in the Altaic World : proceedings of the 59th Annual Meeting of the Permanent International Altaistic Conference (PIAC), Ardahan, Turkey, June 26-July 1, 2016 / edited by Hartmut Walravens, Barbara Kellner-Heinkele, Oliver Corff. –

Unknown treasures of the Altaic world in libraries, archives and museums: 53rd annual meeting of the Permanent International Altaistic Conference, Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, RAS, St. Petersburg, July 25-30, 2010 / Tatiana Pang, Simone-Christiane Raschmann, Gerd Winkelhane (eds.) –

Man and nature in the Altaic world : proceedings of the 49th Permanent International Altaistic Conference, Berlin, July 30 – August 4, 2006 / Barbara Kellner-Heinkele, Elena V. Boykova, Brigitte Heuer (editions.). –

Altaica Budapestinensia MMII: proceedings of the 45th Permanent International Altaistic Conference (PIAC), Budapest, Hungary, June 23-28, 2002 / edited by Alice Sárközi and Attila Rákos. –

China and Tibet

The private side of the Canton trade, 1700-1840: beyond the companies / edited by Paul A. Van Dyke and Susan E. Schopp. –

The Phoenix Mosque and the Persians of medieval Hangzhou / George Lane –

Cosmopolitanism in China, 1600-1950 / edited by Minghui Hu and Johan Elverskog. –

Sold people: traffickers and family life in North China / Johanna S. Ransmeier –

China: visions through the ages / edited by Lisa C. Niziolek, Deborah A. Bekken, and Gary M. Feinman ; assisted by Thomas A. Skwerski. –

Home is not here / Wang Gungwu –

L’opium : une passion chinoise, 1750-1950 / Xavier Paulès ; préface de Timothy Brook. –

The Cold War and the origin of diplomacy of People’s Republic of China: knowledge, thought, and belief from the seventh through the nineteenth century / Niu Jun ; translated by Zhong Yijing. –

Dear China: emigrant letters and remittances, 1820-1980 / Gregor Benton and Hong Liu. –

In the wake of the Mongols: the making of a new social order in North China, 1200-1600 / Jinping Wang. –


Near and Middle East

The Ghaznavids: their empire in Afghanistan and eastern Iran, 994-1040 / Clifford Edmund Bosworth. –

The immense failure: British rulers of Iraq, 1914-1933 / C. W. R. Long –

Styles of leadership of 6 political leaders in 20th-century Iran: Sheikh Mohammad Khiabani, Colonel Mohammad Taghi Pesian, Reza Shah, Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh, Mohammad Reza Shah, and Ayattollah Rouhollah Khomeini / Farshid Moghimi –

Cold War in the Islamic world: Saudi Arabia, Iran and the struggle for supremacy / Dilip Hiro –

 South Asia

Empress: the astonishing reign of Nur Jahan / Ruby Lal. –

Imperial disaster: the Bengal cyclone of 1876 / Benjamin Kingsbury –

Southeast Asia

Vietnam: an epic tragedy,1945-1975 / Max Hastings –


American & Canadian history

American Holocaust: the conquest of the New World / David E. Stannard –

The power elite / C. Wright Mills; with a new afterword by Alan Wolfe –

Reconciling the solitudes: essays on Canadian federalism and nationalism / Charles Taylor ; edited by Guy Laforest. –

Working in women’s archives [electronic resource]: researching women’s private literature and archival documents / Helen M. Buss and Marlene Kadar, editors –


Pan-Asian history

Disease, colonialism, and the state: malaria in modern East Asian history / edited by Ka-che Yip. –

Regional histories


Africanizing knowledge: African studies across the disciplines / Toyin Falola and Christian Jennings, editors. –

The Prophet’s camel bell: a memoir of Somaliland / Margaret Laurence –


China and Tibet

Comic China: representing common ground, 1890-1945 / Wendy Gan. –

Heritage-led urban regeneration in China / Jing Xie and Tim Heath. –

China’s transition from communism: new perspectives / edited by Guoguang Wu and Helen Lansdowne. –

Writing and the ancient state: early China in comparative perspective / Wang Haicheng –

The Peking Gazette: a reader in nineteenth-century Chinese history / by Lane J. Harris –

Die Volksrepublik China / Klaus Mühlhahn. –

Li Hung-chang and China’s early modernization / edited by Samuel C. Chu and Kwang-Ching Liu. –

Indian Ocean region

Trade and civilisation in the Indian Ocean: an economic history from the rise of Islam to 1750 / K.N. Chaudhuri. –

Near and Middle East

The empress Nurbanu and Ottoman politics in the 16th century: building the Atik Valide / Pinar Kayaalp. –

The orientalist Karl Süssheim meets the young Turk officer İsma’il Hakkı Bey : two unexplored sources from the last decade in the reign of the Ottoman sultan Abdulhamid II / by Jan Schmidt. –

The age of the crusades: the Near East from the eleventh century to 1517 / P.M. Holt. –

The Middle East: a physical, social and regional geography / W.B. Fisher. –

The Muslim empires of the Ottomans, Safavids, and Mughals / Stephen Frederic Dale. –

Aristocrats and Archaeologists: An Edwardian Journey on the Nile / Toby Wilkinson –

The Oxford illustrated history of the Holy Land / edited by Robert G. Hoyland, H. G. M. Williamson. –

The Gulf in World History: Arabian, Persian and Global Connections / Allen James Fromherz –

South Asia

A history of India [6th edn] / Hermann Kulke and Dietmar Rothermund –

A history of India [2nd edn] / Peter Robb –

Ideology and empire in eighteenth century India: the British in Bengal / Robert Travers. –

Sex and the family in colonial India: the making of empire / Durba Ghosh –

The peasant and the Raj: studies in agrarian society and peasant rebellion in colonial India / Eric Stokes. –

Provincial politics and Indian nationalism: Bombay and the Indian National Congress, 1880 to 1915 / by Gordon Johnson. –

Gandhi / David Arnold –

Bengal divided: Hindu communalism and partition, 1932-1947 / Joya Chatterji. –

A history of Bangladesh / Willem van Schendel. –

Forging a region: sultans, traders, and pilgrims in Gujarat, 1200-1500 / Samira Sheikh –













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