History: recent acquisitions for SOAS Library, April & May 2018

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 This is a selection of titles received by SOAS Library for the History collections during April and May 2018

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Comparative and thematic

Manuscripts and archives: comparative views on record-keeping / edited by Alessandro Bausi, Christian Brockmann, Michael Friedrich, Sabine Kienitz. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10258539

Turbulent empires: a history of global capitalism since 1945 / Mike Mason – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10267093

Civilisations: First contact: The cult of progress / David Olusoga. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10267364

Civilisations: How do we look? : The eye of faith / Mary Beard. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10267382

The Empire’s new clothes: the myth of the commonwealth / Philip Murphy – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10267424

The Oxford dictionary of Late Antiquity / edited by Oliver Nicholson. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10264223


European history

Return to diversity: a political history of East Central Europe since World War II [4th edn.]  / Joseph Rothschild, Nancy M. Wingfield. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10257764


North Africa

Guns, Culture and Moors: Racial Perceptions, Cultural Impact and the Moroccan Participation in the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) / Ali Al Tuma. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10267425


West Africa

Whitehall and the Black Republic: a study of colonial Britain’s attitude towards Liberia, 1914-1939 / Jyotirmoy Pal Chaudhuri – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10267148


China and Tibet

Empire and environment in the making of Manchuria / edited by Norman Smith. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10255502

The Red Star and the Crescent: China and the Middle East / James Reardon-Anderson (editor). – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10258927

Early Medieval Chinese Texts : a bibliographical guide / edited by Cynthia L. Chennault, Keith N. Knapp, Alan J. Berkowitz, Albert E. Dien – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10258688

Concubinage and servitude in late imperial China / Hsieh Bao Hua. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10267110

World heritage craze in China: universal discourse, national culture and local memory / Haiming Yan – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10258815

Texts and transformations: essays in honor of the 75th birthday of Victor H. Mair / edited by Haun Saussy. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10267994

Japan and Korea

Ōoku: the secret world of the Shogun’s women / Cecilia Segawa Seigle and Linda H. Chance. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10267996


Near and Middle East

Desert dispute: the diplomacy of boundary-making in South-Eastern Arabia , 2 Vols / J.B. Kelly – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10253897

Le waqf de la mosquée des Omeyyades de Damas : Le manuscrit ottoman d’un inventaire mamelouk établi en 816/1413 / par Mathieu Eychenne, Astrid Meier, Élodie Vigouroux. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10258801

Middle Eastern minorities and the Arab Spring: identity and community in the twenty-first century / edited by K. Scott Parker, Tony E. Nasrallah. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10258930

The Umma and the Dawla : the nation-state and the Arab Middle East / Tamim Al-Barghouti. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10267870

Formation of a religious landscape: Shi’i higher learning in Safavid Iran / by Maryam Moazzen. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10267920

Pacific Area

James Cook: the voyages / by William Frame and Laura Walker – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10267144

Southeast Asia

Khaki capital: the political economy of the military in Southeast Asia / edited by Paul Chambers and Napisa Waitoolkiat. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10258340


Comparative and thematic

Empires at war: 1911-1923 / edited by Robert Gerwarth and Erez Manela. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10264248

The romantic historicism to come / Jonathan Crimmins. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10266962

Interpretations of history: Confucius to Toynbee / Alban G. Widgery. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10267041

The meanings in history / Alban G. Widgery. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10267040

Brutality in an age of human rights: activism and counterinsurgency at the end of the British empire / Brian Drohan. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10267358

The Alexander romance by Ps.-Callisthenes: a historical commentary / by Krzysztof Nawotka. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10267937

Global and transnational history: the past, present, and future / Akira Iriye. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10267699

The true believer: thoughts on the nature of mass movements / Jonah S. Rubin – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10268813

Barbed-wire imperialism: Britain’s empire of camps, 1876-1903 / Aidan Forth. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10269031

Theories of history : history read across the humanities / edited by Michael J. Kelly and Arthur Rose. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10269282

The Cambridge dictionary of modern world history / edited by Chris Cook and John Stevenson – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10269275

State Formations: Global Histories and Cultures of Statehood / edited by John L. Brooke, Julia C. Strauss, Greg Anderson. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10269277

Sediments of time: on possible histories / Reinhart Koselleck ; translated and edited by Sean Franzel and Stefan-Ludwig Hoffmann. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10269309


European history

A historian in exile: Solomon ibn Verga, Shevet Yehudah, and the Jewish-Christian encounter / Jeremy Cohen. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10266862

Yugoslavia and after: a study in fragmentation, despair and rebirth / edited by David A. Dyker and Ivan Vejvoda. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10264343

Regional histories

China and Tibet

The birth of Chinese feminism: essential texts in transnational theory / Lydia H. Liu, Rebecca E. Karl, and Dorothy Ko, editors. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10264271

Concubinage and servitude in late imperial China / Hsieh Bao Hua – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10267176

The body and military masculinity in late Qing and early Republican China: the art of governing soldiers / Nicolas Schillinger. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10267179

Building new China, colonizing Kokonor: resettlement to Qinghai in the 1950s / Gregory Rohlf. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10267178

Wartime culture in Guilin, 1938-1944: a city at war / Pingchao Zhu – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10267177

Imagining Chinese medicine / edited by Vivienne Lo, Penelope Barrett; with the help of David Dear, Lu Di, Lois Reynolds, Dolly Yang. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10285374

The Chinese Annals of Batavia, the Kai Ba Lidai Shiji and Other Stories (1610-1795) / translated, edited, and annotated by Leonard Blusse, Nie Dening. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10285358


Japan and Korea

Korean National Identity under Japanese Colonial Rule : Yi Gwangsu and the March First Movement Of 1919 / Michael Shin – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10269308

Near and Middle East

Godfrey of Bouillon: Duke of Lower Lotharingia, Ruler of Latin Jerusalem, c.1060-1100 / Simon John. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10267092

The shaping of `Abbāsid rule / by Jacob Lassner. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10267956

Pacific Region & Oceania

James Cook: the voyages / William Frame with Laura Walker. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10267359


 South Asia

Religion, space, and conflict in Sri Lanka: colonial and postcolonial contexts / Elizabeth J. Harris. https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10267922

Claiming India: French scholars and the preoccupation with India during the nineteenth century / Jyoti Mohan. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10267977

Islam and nationalism in India: South Indian context / M.T. Ansari. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10267975

Southeast Asia

The Chinese Annals of Batavia, the Kai Ba Lidai Shiji and Other Stories (1610-1795) / translated, edited, and annotated by Leonard Blusse, Nie Dening. – https://library.soas.ac.uk/Record/10285358




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