Ancient Near East, Semitics & Judaica: recent acquisitions for SOAS Library, April & May 2018

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This is a selection of titles received by SOAS Library in the field of Ancient Near Eastern studies, Semitics and Judaica during April and May 2018. Please note that this section of the Library also includes material on the history and politics of modern Israel / Palestine.

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 Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations

Übergangszeiten : Altorientalische Studien für Reinhard Dittmann anlässlich seines 65. Geburtstags / \c [edited by] Kai Kaniuth, Daniel Lau und Dirk Wicke –

Mehrsprachigkeit : vom Alten Orient bis zum Esperanto / Herausgegeben von Sebastian Fink, Martin Lang und Manfred Schretter –

The Elamite world / edited by Javier Álvarez-Mon, Gian Pietro Basello and Yasmina Wicks. –

From Sasanian Mandaeans to Ṣābians of the marshes / by Kevin T. Van Bladel. –

Implementing meanings: the power of the copy between past, present and future: an overview from the ancient Near East / edited by Silvana Di Paolo. –

The First dynasty of the Sealand in Mesopotamia / Odette Boivin –

The reign of Nebuchadnezzar I in history and historical memory / John P. Nielsen –

Euphrat und Tigris im Alten Orient / Theresa Blaschke. –

Topography and toponymy in the ancient Near East: perspectives and prospects / Jan Tavernier. –

Water for Assyria / edited by Hartmut Kühne. –

ICAANE Wien Proceedings 2016 [2 vols] –

Sumerian texts from Ancient Iraq: from Ur III to 9/11 / Benjamin Studevent-Hickman. –

Mari, le temple d’Ishtar revisité : nouvelles conclusions / Jean-Cl. Margueron ; avec une contribution de Juan Luis Montero Fenollós. –

Visualizing emotions in the Ancient Near East / Sara Kipfer (ed.). –

A short history of the Phoenicians / Mark Woolmer. –

Sources of evil: studies in Mesopotamian exorcistic lore / edited by Greta Van Buylaere, Mikko Luukko, Daniel Schwemer, Avigail Mertens-Wagschal. –

Hebrew and other Semitic Languages

Les manuscrits syriaques de parchemin du Sinaï et leurs ‘Membra disjecta’ / Paul Géhin. –

Studies in Semitic linguistics and manuscripts : A liber discipulorum in honour of Professor Geoffrey Khan / edited by Nadia Vidro, Ronny Vollandt, Esther-Miriam Wagner and Judith Olszowy-Schlanger. –

Jewish Studies

The Talmud: a biography / Barry Scott Wimpfheimer –

The stakes of history: on the use and abuse of Jewish history for life / David N. Myers. –

Greetings from Angelus: poems Gershom Scholem ; translated from the German by Richard Sieburth ; introduced and annotated by Steven M. Wasserstrom. –

Books of the people / editor, Dr. Stuart W. Halpern. –

The wandering Jew has arrived / Albert Londres; translated by Helga Abraham. –

Skies of parchment, seas of ink : Jewish illuminated manuscripts / edited by Marc Michael Epstein ; with contributions by Eva Frojmovic, Jenna Siman Jacobs, Hartley Lachter, Shalom Sabar, Raymond P. Scheindlin, Ágnes Vető, Susan Vick, Barbara Wolff, and Diane Wolfthal. –

Modern Israel / Palestine Studies

Sadness is a white bird / Moriel Rothman-Zecher. [novel] –

The lanterns of the king of Galilee / Ibrahim Nasrallah ; translated by Nancy Roberts. [novel] –

In days to come: a new hope for Israel / Avraham Burg ; translated by Joel Greenberg. –

The last earth: a Palestinian story / Ramzy Baroud ; With a foreword by Ilan Pappe. –



Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations

Sophene, Gordyene, and Adiabene : three regna minora of northern Mesopotamia between east and west / by Michal Marciak. –

Jewish Studies

A historian in exile: Solomon ibn Verga, Shevet Yehudah, and the Jewish-Christian encounter / Jeremy Cohen. –

What’s divine about divine law? : early perspectives / Christine Hayes. –

DeColonial Judaism: triumphal failures of barbaric thinking / Santiago Slabodsky. –


Modern Israeli / Palestinian studies

Sewing the fabric of statehood: garment unions, American labor, and the establishment of the state of Israel / Adam M. Howard. –

The Zionist ideas: visions for the Jewish homeland–then, now, tomorrow / Gil Troy ; foreword by Natan Sharansky. –






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