Religions: new acquisitions in SOAS Library for February & March 2018

By Mary Fisk|March 28, 2018|Ancient Near East, China and Inner Asia, Middle East, Central Asia & Islamica, Philosophy, Religions, Semitics & Judaica, South Asia|

This is a selection of titles received by SOAS Library for the Study of Religions collections during February and March 2018.

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Comparative and thematic

Religious culture in late antique Arabia: selected studies on the late antique religious mind / edited by Kirill Dmitriev, Isabel Toral-Niehoff. –

Imagining the divine: art and the rise of world religions / Jaś Elsner, Stefanie Lenk, et al. –

The body in religion: cross-cultural perspectives / Yudit Kornberg Greenberg –

For all life: toward a universal declaration of a global ethic: an interreligious dialogue / edited by Leonard Swidler. –

The presence of the word: some prolegomena for cultural and religious history / Walter J. Ong. –


A Buddhist response to the climate emergency / edited by John Stanley, David R. Loy, and Gyurme Dorje –

Sadhamāramrtama : Festschrift für Jens-Uwe Hartmann zum 65. geburstag / edited by Oliver von Criegern, Gudrun Melzer and Johannes Schneider. –

Christianity (Western and Eastern)

The dialogue between the Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox churches / edited by Christine Chaillot, foreword by His All-Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew. –

Ethiopia : the living churches of an ancient kingdom / Mary Anne Fitzgerald with Philip Marsden ; photography, Nigel Pavitt, Frederic Courbet, Justus Mulinge, Carol Beckwith, Angela Fisher ; edited by Carolyn Ludwig and Morris Jackson. –

Le monde syriaque : sur les routes d’un christianisme ignoré / Françoise Briquel Chatonnet et Muriel Debié. –

Persian Christians at the Chinese court: the Xi’an Stele and the Church of the East, 410-845 / Todd Godwin –

From Gnostics to monastics: studies in Coptic and early Christianity in honor of Bentley Layton / edited by D. Brakke, S.J. Davis & S. Emmel –

Shanghai faithful: betrayal and forgiveness in a Chinese Christian family / Jennifer Lin. –

Chrétiens d’Orient : 2000 ans d’histoire / ouvrage publié sous la direction de Raphaëlle Ziadé. –

What did Jesus look like? / Joan E. Taylor –

The triumph of Christianity: how a forbidden religion swept the world / Bart D. Ehrman –

Creed & grievance: Muslim-Christian relations & conflict resolution in northern Nigeria / edited by Abdul Raufu Mustapha & David Ehrhardt.-


Islamophobia: making Muslims the enemy / Peter Gottschalk and Gabriel Greenberg. –

Radical skin, moderate masks: de-radicalising the Muslim and racism in post-racial societies / Yassir Morsi –

Philosophy and medicine in the formative period of Islam / edited by Peter Adamson and Peter Pormann. –

Muslim identity politics: Islam, activism and equality in Britain / Khadijah Elshayyal –

From belonging to belief: modern secularisms and the construction of religion in Kyrgyzstan / Julie McBrien. –

Creed & grievance: Muslim-Christian relations & conflict resolution in northern Nigeria / edited by Abdul Raufu Mustapha & David Ehrhardt.-


The ritual landscape at Persepolis. : glyptic imagery from the Persepolis fortification and Treasury archives / by Mark B. Garrison –


 Other faiths

False dawn: the United Religions Initiative, globalism, and the quest for a one-world religion / Lee Penn. –



Comparative and thematic

The religion and theology student writer’s manual and reader’s guide / Joel Hopko –

The challenge of pluralism: church and state in six democracies  / J. Christopher Soper, Kevin R. den Dulk, and Stephen V. Monsma –

Sacred fury: understanding religious violence [3rd edn] / Charles Selengut.-

Four paths to Jerusalem: Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and secular pilgrimages, 1000 BCE to 2001 CE / by Hunt Janin. –

The Blackwell companion to religious ethics / edited by William Schweiker. –

Comparative religious ethics: everyday decisions for our everyday lives / by Christine E. Gudorf. –

Interpreting scriptures in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam: overlapping inquiries / edited by Mordechai Z. Cohen and Adele Berlin ; with the assistance of Meir M. Bar-Asher, Rita Copeland, and Jon Whitman. –

The age of secularization / Augusto Del Noce ; edited and translated by Carlo Lancellotti. –

Powers of distinction: on religion and modernity / Nancy Levene. –

Faith specific


Christianity (Western and Eastern)

The Cambridge companion to the Summa theologiae / edited by Philip McCosker, Denys Turner. –

Empire and the meaning of religion in Northeast Asia: Manchuria 1900-1945 / Thomas David DuBois. –

Secular nationalism and citizenship in Muslim countries: Arab Christians in the Levant / Kail C.Ellis, editor. –


Dream trippers: global Daoism and the predicament of modern spirituality / David A. Palmer and Elijah Siegler.


Being Hindu: understanding a peaceful path in a violent world / Hindol Sengupta. –

Valmiki’s Uttara kanda: the Book of answers / Translated with Commentary by Arshia Sattar. –

Renowned goddess of desire: women, sex, and speech in Tantra / Loriliai Biernacki. –


Faith and Fashion in Turkey: Consumption, Politics and Islamic Identities / Nazli Alimen –





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