Philosophy: new acquisitions for SOAS Library in February & March 2018

By Mary Fisk|March 28, 2018|Philosophy, Religions|

This is a selection of titles received by SOAS Library for the Philosophy collections February and March 2018.

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 Comparative and thematic

A dictionary of philosophy of religion / edited by Charles Taliaferro and Elsa J. Marty. –

The Communicative ethics controversy / edited by Seyla Benhabib and Fred Dallmayr. –

Ethics / Piers Benn –

Ethics / edited by Peter Singer. –

Ethics in the real world: 82 brief essays on things that matter / Peter Singer –

The presence of the word: some prolegomena for cultural and religious history / Walter J. Ong. –

For all life: toward a universal declaration of a global ethic: an interreligious dialogue / edited by Leonard Swidler. –

A bibliographic guide to the comparative study of ethics / edited by John Carman, Mark Juergensmeyer. –

American nonviolence: the history of an idea / Ira Chernus. –

Nonviolence: the history of a dangerous idea / Mark Kurlansky. –

Kantianism, liberalism, and feminism: resisting oppression / Carol Hay. –

Making moral decisions / edited by Jean Holm, with John Bowker. –

Communication ethics: between cosmopolitanism and provinciality / edited by Kathleen Glenister Roberts and Ronald C. Arnett. –

Comparative ethics in a global age / edited by Marietta T. Stepanyants –

Conduct and character: readings in moral theory / [edited by] Mark Timmons. –

Moral consciousness and communicative action / Jürgen Habermas; translated by Christian Lenhardt and Shierry Weber Nicholsen ; introduction by Thomas McCarth –

Kant’s Groundwork for the metaphysics of morals: a reader’s guide / Paul Guyer. –

Introduction to applied ethics / by Robert L. Holmes. –

The Continental philosophy of film reader / edited by Joseph Westfall. –

Regional and faith-based

Heidegger and Jewish thought: difficult others / edited by Elad Lapidot and Micha Brumlik ; with Elan Reisner. –

The genius of Judaism / Bernard-Henri Lévy; translated by Steven B. Kennedy. –


Comparative & thematic

Arendt, Levinas and a politics of relationality / Anya Topolski. –

On justifying moral judgements / Lawrence C. Becker –

A Companion to Ethics / Singer –

Communication ethics and universal values / editors, Clifford Christians and Michael Traber –

World ethics: the new agenda / Nigel Dower. –

A global ethic for global politics and economics / Hans Küng ; [translated by John Bowden from the German]. –

Constructing ethical patterns in times of globalization: Hans Küng’s global ethic project and beyond / by Aleksi Kuokkanen. –

The Routledge handbook of global ethics / edited by Darrel Moellendorf and Heather Widdows ; contributors Chris Armstrong [and forty three others]. –

The Blackwell companion to religious ethics / edited by William Schweiker. –

Comparative religious ethics: everyday decisions for our everyday lives / by Christine E. Gudorf. –

Global feminist ethics / edited by Rebecca Whisnant and Peggy DesAutels. –

Nicomachean ethics / Aristotle; translated with introduction, notes, and glossary, by Terence Irwin. –

Hegel’s Elements of the philosophy of right: a critical guide / edited by David James –

The age of secularization / Augusto Del Noce; edited and translated by Carlo Lancellotti. –

The Bloomsbury companion to the philosophy of consciousness / Dale Jacquette. –

Powers of distinction: on religion and modernity / Nancy Levene. –

From revolution to ethics: May 1968 and contemporary French thought [2nd edn]  / Julian Bourg-

Regional & faith-based

Confucius : the man and the way of Gongfu / Peimin Ni. –

Byzantine Perspectives on Neoplatonism / Sergei Mariev (ed.) –

Philosophy and medicine in the formative period of Islam / edited by Peter Adamson and Peter Pormann. –

Indian epistemology and metaphysics / edited by Joerg Tuske. –



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