Religions: new acquisitions in SOAS Library during December 2017 & January 2018

By Mary Fisk|January 31, 2018|China and Inner Asia, History, Middle East, Central Asia and Islamica, Religions|

This is a selection of titles received by SOAS Library for the Study of Religions collections during December 2017 and January 2018.

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Comparative and thematic

In search of the lost Orient: an interview / Olivier Roy; as interviewed by Jean-Louis Schlegel ; translated by C. Jon Delogu. –

The Indian system of human marks: with editions, translations and annotations / by Kenneth G. Zysk. –

Faith and language practices in digital spaces / edited by Andrey Rosowsky

Perceiving the other in ancient Judaism and early Christianity / edited by Michal Bar-Asher Siegal, Wolfgang Grünstäudl, Matthew Thiessen –

The Jewish roots of christological monotheism : papers from the St. Andrews Conference on the Historical Origins of the Worship of Jesus / edited by Carey C. Newman, James R. Davila, Gladys S. Lewis. –

Tribes and global jihadism / edited by Virginie Collombier and Olivier Roy –


Chinese religions

Songs for dead parents: corpse, text, and world in Southwest China / Erik Mueggler. –


Christianity (Western and Eastern)

How Jesus became God: the exaltation of a Jewish preacher from Galilee / Bart D. Ehrman. –

West Indian Pentecostals: living their faith in New York and London / Janice A. McLean-Farrell. –

Norman Anderson and the Christian mission to modernise Islam / Todd M. Thompson –

The path of Christianity: the first thousand years / John Anthony McGuckin. –

Uncovering ancient footprints: Armenian inscriptions and the pilgrimage routes of the Sinai / Michael E. Stone. –

Le Nouveau Testament en syriaque / Jean-Claude Haelewyck (editeur) –

The Oxford Handbook of the Bible in America / edited by Paul C. Gutjahr –



The vision of cosmic order in the Vedas / Jeanine Miller; foreword by Raimundo Panikkar.-



The crucible of Islam / G. W. Bowersock. –

Imagining the Arabs: Arab identity and the rise of Islam / Peter Webb.  –

Reading the Qur’an in the twenty-first century: a contextualist approach / Abdullah Saeed –

Contemporary Sufism: piety, politics and popular culture / Meena Sharify-Funk, William Rory Dickson and Merin Shobhana Xavier –

Routledge handbook on early Islam / edited by Herbert Berg –

The Quran: epic and apocalypse / Todd Lawson. –



Comparative and thematic

Contemporary encounters in gender and religion: European perspectives / Lena Gemzöe, Marja-Liisa Keinanen, Avril Maddrell, editors. –

Invention of tradition and syncretism in contemporary religions: sacred creativity / Stefania Palmisano, Nicola Pannofino, editors. –

The myth of religious violence: secular ideology and the roots of modern conflict / William T. Cavanaugh. –

Does religion cause violence? : multidisciplinary perspectives on violence and religion in the modern world / edited by Scott Cowdell, Chris Fleming, Joel Hodge, and Carly Osborn. –

Key words in religion, media and culture / edited by David Morgan. –

The lesser Jihads: bringing the Islamist extremist fight to the world / Phil Gurski. –

Religion and the politics of development: critical perspectives on Asia / edited by Philip Fountain, Robin Bush, R. Michael Feener. –


Faith specific

Christianity (Western and Eastern)

The postcolonial Biblical reader / edited by R.S. Sugirtharajah. –

The Chaldean Catholic church: modern history, ecclesiology and church-state relations / Kristian Girling. –



Modern Islamic thought in a radical age: religious authority and internal criticism / Muhammad Qasim Zaman. –

Gender hierarchy in the Qurʼān: medieval interpretations, modern responses / Karen Bauer. –

Muhammad’s heirs: the rise of Muslim scholarly communities, 622-950 / Jonathan E. Brockopp. –

Islam and Britain: Muslim mission in an age of empire / Ron Geaves –

The holy city of Medina : sacred space in early Islamic Arabia / Harry Munt.-

The lesser Jihads : bringing the Islamist extremist fight to the world / Phil Gurski. –

European Muslims transforming the public sphere: religious participation in the arts, media and civil society / Asmaa Soliman –

Muslims, scholars, soldiers: the origin and elaboration of the Ibādī imāmate traditions / Adam R. Gaiser –

Shurat legends, Ibadi identities: martyrdom, asceticism, and the making of an early Islamic community / Adam R. Gaiser –

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