Philosophy: new acquisitions during December 2017 & January 2018

By Mary Fisk|January 31, 2018|Philosophy|

This is a selection of titles received by SOAS Library for the Philosophy collections December 2017 and January 2018

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Comparative and thematic

The Bloomsbury anthology of transcendental thought: from antiquity to the anthropocene / edited by David LaRocca –

A thinker’s guide to the philosophy of religion / Allen Stairs and Christopher Bernard –

Hegel: a very short introduction / Peter Singer.-

Entre nous / Emmanuel Levinas ; translated from French by Michael B. Smith and Barbara Harshav –

Key writings / Henri Lefebvre; edited by Stuart Elden, Elizabeth Lebas and Eleonore Kofman. –

The medium is the massage / Marshall McLuhan, Quentin Fiore ; co-ordinated by Jerome Agel. –

Philosophical perspectives on religious diversity: bivalent truth, tolerance and personhood / edited by Dirk-Martin Grube and Walter Van Herck –

The Palgrave Kant handbook / edited by Matthew C. Altman. –


The Oxford handbook of Indian Philosophy / edited by Jonardon Ganeri –

The Routledge history of Indian philosophy / [edited by] Purushottama Bilimoria. –


Comparative & thematic

Defending culture: conceptual foundations and contemporary debate / Johan Fornäs. –

Borderlands and Liminal Subjects: Transgressing the Limits in Philosophy and Literature / Jessica Elbert-Decker –

On ethics, politics and psychology in the twenty-first century / John Rist ; with an interview with Bishop Austin Redivivus orchestrated by Anna Rist. –

The quest for a moral compass: a global history of ethics / Kenan Malik. –

Deleuze and becoming / Samantha Bankston. –

Transgression and the inexistent: a philosophical vocabulary / Mehdi Belhaj Kacem ; translated by P. Burcu Yalim. –

Hegel and resistance: history, politics and dialectics / Bart Zantvoort and Rebecca Comay –

I Am You : the hermeneutics of empathy in Western literature, theology and art / Karl F. Morrison –

Creolizing Hegel / edited by Michael Monahan –

Acting on principle: an essay on Kantian ethics / Onora O’Neill. –

Karl Marx and the postcolonial age / Ranabir Samaddar. –

The history of reason in the age of madness: Foucault’s enlightenment and a radical critique of psychiatry / John Iliopoulos. –

Posthuman ethics: embodiment and cultural theory / Patricia MacCormack. –

Acting on principle: an essay on Kantian ethics / Onora O’Neill. –


Regional / faith-based

Modern Islamic thought in a radical age: religious authority and internal criticism / Muhammad Qasim Zaman. –

Muslim ethics: emerging vistas / Amyn B. Sajoo –

Ethical monotheism: a philosophy of Judaism / Ehud Benor –




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