Free FT report on Japanese economy and globalisation

By Victoria Bird|January 22, 2016|Economics, Financial and Management Studies, Japan|0 comments

The Financial Times last week published a special report on Japan and the World with some joint reporting by our new partners at Nikkei. It’s available free here:

The topics range from the change of mindset that Japanese CEOs say is necessary for Japan Inc to survive globalisation to a light-hearted column on how Japanese tourism has everything going for it except more tourists.

The FT’s chief economics commentator Martin Wolf explores whether Abenomics will work and answers readers’ questions in a Q&A on Facebook that we also replicate on our online report.

The report also includes an interactive dashboard on the Japanese economy. Two videos cover the competition between Japan and China in Africa and a tourist’s road trip from Tokyo to Kyoto by our columnist This is all at

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