Open access book series for the study of the Ancient Near East

By Mary Fisk|May 18, 2015|Ancient Near East, Semitics and Judaica|0 comments

Several major series from academic publishers Brill now have selected volumes available on open-access via Ancient World Digital Library. Click on the links below to access the collections

Studies in the History and Culture of the Ancient Near East (10 titles)

Titles include:

Family religion in Babylonia, Syria and Israel / Toorn (1996)

The care of the elderly in the Ancient Near East / Stol & Vleeming

History and historical writing in ancient Israel / Ishida (1999)

Cuneiform Monographs (20 titles)

Titles include:

Babylonian planetary omens Vol.3 / Reiner [ed.] (1975)

Mesopotamian protective spirits / Wiggerman (1992)

Mesopotamian poetic language / Vogelzang & Vanstiphout (1996)

Principles of the relation between local adverb, verb and sentence particle in Hittite / Tjerkstra (1999)

Mesopotamian planetary astronomy-astrology / Brown (2000)



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