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File:Sargon II and dignitary.jpg

King Sargon and a dignitary (bas-relief in the Louvre Museum) (

Assyrian Empire builders

This project is a joint co-operation between the University of Cambridge, UCL and the University of Pennsylvania, and is linked to the Neo-Assyrian Text Corpus project (State Archives of Assyria) at the University of Helsinki.

The focus  is on the correspondence between Sargon II of Assyria (721-705 BC), his predecessor Tiglath-pileser (744-727) and their governors and magnates and the website gives historical background to the cultures and the personalities of ancient Assyria, with bibliographic listings (a large number of which link to full-text) as well as reproducing Sargon’s correspondence  (with the permission of the State Archives of Assyria)

Annotated corpus of Luwian texts

Currently at pilot stage, this project from the Russian Academy of Sciences initially analyses the Iron Age Luwian texts from the Corpus of Hieroglyphic Luwian Inscriptions (CHLI) by J. David Hawkins, as well as the cuneiform texts of the Bronze Age published in the Die keilschrift-luwischen Texte in Umschrift (StBoT 30) by Frank Starke

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