Reviews of four recently acquired books in SOAS Library

By Mary Fisk|January 27, 2015|Africa, Ancient Near East, Semitics and Judaica, History, Religions|0 comments

Review of Biblical Literature

Cover Image

Postcolonial perspectives in African biblical interpretations / edited by Musa W. Dube, Andrew M. Mbuvi, and Dora R. Mbuwayesango (Society of Biblical Literature, 2012) – U220 /742744 (“well-written, … and useful to both teachers and students of biblical studies interested in postcolonial approaches.)

Cover Image

Cursed are you!: the phenomenology of cursing in cuneiform and Hebrew texts / Anne Marie Kitz (Eisenbrauns, 2014)

QC133.44 /758375 (“ambitious and meticulously executed volume “)

Bryn Mawr Review

Cover Image

Walking corpses : leprosy in Byzantium and the medieval West / Timothy S. Miller and John W. Nesbitt. (Cornell University Press, 2014)

QT616.998 /506464 (“will certainly stimulate new discussion”)

H-Net Reviews

Cover Image

The devil : a new biography / Philip C. Almond.(Tauris, 2014) –

A291.216 /744518  (“a carefully delineated history that is both scholarly and accessible”)

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