Prom 74: Staff Benda Bilili & Baloji

By dsw|August 2, 2012|Africa, Music, Media and Film Studies|0 comments

Baloji Baloji © Jerome Bonnet

About this event

Staff Benda Bilili

Staff Benda Bilili are like nothing you have ever seen or heard before: a group of paraplegic street musicians and ex-street kids from the Democratic Republic of Congo, making music rooted in Soukous (or African rumba) with elements of old-school rhythm and blues, reggae and funk.

‘Afropean’ Congolese-born, Belgian-educated rapper Baloji mixes old and cutting-edge sounds with bitingly modern lyrics. But his most recent album finds him returning to his motherland in search of musical understanding and communal improvisation.

For more details please see:

You can learn more about Staff Benda Bilili by watching the DVD at SOAS Library –

Baloji’s Hotel Impala is also available at SOAS Library –

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