The Political Economy of Development

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A list of radical resources


The resources selected are independently published to further decolonise our understanding of the political economy of development. We have long recognised the need for consuming literature, media, and academia beyond just anglo-saxan contributors and while many strides when it comes to the consumption of those at the margins, the work consumed is still produced and published within a western canon. When everything we consume has been approved of by the West and therefore subjected to its specific ideals of censorship, how can we truly challenge the hegemony of western thought? How can we think differently if we are only learning from a singular perspective- even if that perspective claims to be based on various experiences.

This list aims to be truly radical in its approach, questioning the homogeneity of our current reading lists.

Independently published-

First and foremost the list is a curation of work from independent actors, not influenced by foreign/corporate funding that allow ideas to take precedence instead of money. The hope is that these forms of university based, collective based or forms of self-publishing are less subject to ‘playing by the rules’ and provide a deeper insight into local political and economic structures.

Variety of Resources-

To appeal to a broad audience the list ranges from bite sized articles and children’s books to podcasts, reports and working papers. There is something for everyone- from differing backgrounds in these subjects, differing time and energy and even different levels of access. Focus has been placed on open access resources so that the audience is not limited to SOAS. Similarly, most of them are available online to further reduce any barriers.

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by Shloka Murarka

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