A president in control of the executive, legislature and judiciary

By Megan Wang|June 8, 2017|Insight|0 comments

Gamon McLellan assesses April’s referendum in Turkey and the powers President Erdoğan will now wield Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had long aspired to become executive president. Such a presidency was discussed but rejected in 1982 when the present Turkish constitution was drafted, but later attracted support from President Turgut Özal, and even, in 1997, from Fethullah Gülen, the preacher accused of master-minding the July 2016 failed coup. It has now been

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West Asia and the Global Environment Outlook

By Megan Wang|February 13, 2017|Insight|0 comments

Iyad Abumoghli provides an overview of the current state of the environment in West Asia and explores ways to reverse the damaging trends The Global Environment Outlook in its 6th edition, GEO-6 for West Asia, is part of a global process that aims to review and assess the state of the global environment, identify global and regional priorities, review policies and options, and to chart the outlook on priority environmental issues

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Kicking away the migration ladder?

By Megan Wang|July 10, 2016|General|0 comments

The recent European refugee crisis has led to a denigration of economic migrants and cast a negative light on the notion of ‘economic’ migration in general. Hassan Hakimian takes a critical look Recent concerns about the European migration crisis have masked a remarkable – but little noticed – degree of unanimity over the supposed ‘undesirability’ of migration as an economic phenomenon. Amidst outcries against ‘economic migrants at European doorsteps’, and

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The global refugee crisis: a challenge for Europe

By Megan Wang|May 30, 2016|Insight|0 comments

Migration has dominated the European political landscape in the last few years. Valerie Amos provides a critical overview The EU has struggled to manage the increase in refugee and migrant flows over the last few years, contributing to a perception of chaos and loss of control. The protracted nature of the crisis in Syria means that Syrian refugees are going further afield. In the first few years after the conflict

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MENA, climate change and COP21

By Megan Wang|April 12, 2016|Insight|0 comments

Climate change will disproportionately impact MENA countries. Hamid M. Pouran examines the forecast in light of the Paris climate change agreement, COP21 The Middle East and North Africa region (MENA) is blessed with abundant natural resources, in particular oil and gas. Nevertheless, the arid and semi-arid climates of this region have imposed risks and limitations on these countries, particularly in regards to available water resources. Population growth in the MENA

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Still singing: female singers in contemporary Iran

By Megan Wang|January 28, 2016|General|0 comments

After the 1979 Revolution, female solo singing performances were banned in Iran. Parmis Mozafari looks at some of the ways this ban is being challenged. Female presence on stage has been a matter of controversy in many societies especially when this presence is perceived to conflict with the ‘duties’ of a woman as a ‘faithful wife’ or ‘sacrificing mother’, or is likely to distort her image of propriety as a

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