Trial for Proquest Resources on 20th century Israel / Palestine

By Mary Fisk|April 30, 2019|History, Middle East, Central Asia & Islamica, Politics and International Relations|

Electronic trials of 2 Proquest digital archives covering the 20th century history of Israel / Palestine, (with contemporary newspaper content up to 2008)  are available until 24th May. You can link via the Library News page at

Please send feedback to the named member of staff. We would like to know:

1) Is the information relevant and useful? How will you use it in your work?
2) Is it easy to find what you need? What did you think of the way the information is set up, and how the search works?
3) Did you have any technical problems? If so, what were they?

Jerusalem Post

Full text coverage of the Jerusalem Post between 1932 and 2008. The database is fully searchable by keyword, allowing you to explore the political and social events during these years and view digital copies of the original newspaper

History Vault: Creation of Israel (Foreign Office Correspondence on Palestine and Transjordan,1940-1948):

This collection draws on digitized letters, papers, photographs, scrapbooks, financial records, diaries,and many more primary source materials taken from the University Publications of America (UPA) Collections. It explores the tensions within Anglo-American relations over the creation and recognition of Israel as a sovereign state. A large section of the material is devoted to United Nations deliberations on the Palestine question.

Browse the content in each document folder by keywords or go straight to highlighted key documents.

Note : Search by keywords will retrieve matches in the typed documents. Within the PDF documents where matches are found, users need to perform another search (CTRL+F) to find and highlight the matched results in the text.

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