New acquisitions for SOAS Library: History (November 2018 – January 2019)

By Mary Fisk|January 29, 2019|Africa, China and Inner Asia, History, Middle East, Central Asia & Islamica, South Asia, South East Asia|

This is a selection of titles received by SOAS Library for the History collections between November 2018 and January 2019

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 Comparative and thematic

The regional cold wars in Europe, East Asia, and the Middle East: crucial periods and turning points / edited by Lorenz M. Lüthi. –

What is medieval history? / John H. Arnold. –

Must we divide history into periods? / Jacques Le Goff; translated by Malcolm DeBevoise. –

The textual condition / Jerome J. McGann –

Committed to memory: the art of the slave ship icon / Cheryl Finley. –

Telling the truth about history / Joyce Appleby, Lynn Hunt, Margaret Jacob –

Le spécimen et le collecteur : savoirs naturalistes, pouvoirs et altérités : XVIIIe-XXe siècles / Dominique Juhé-Beaulaton. –

The Islamic world: a history in objects / Ladan Akbarnia [and five others]. –

The glorious art of peace: paths to peace in a new age of war / John Gittings. –

European history

The fascination with Inner Eurasian languages in the 17th century : the Amsterdam mayor Nicolaas Witsen and his collection of ‘Tartarian’ glossaries and scripts / editors Bruno Naarden, Tom van Brederode, Tjeerd de Graaf, Wim Honselaar, Janine Jager, Cecilia Odé, Lisa van Schaik, Nicoline van der Sijs. –

Postwar: a history of Europe since 1945 / Tony Judt –


The golden rhinoceros: histories of the African middle ages / François-Xavier Fauvelle ; translated by Troy Tice.-

East Africa

Pressing interests: the agenda and influence of a colonial East African newspaper sector / Phoebe Musandu –

West Africa

Surviving Biafra: a Nigerwife’s story / S. Elizabeth Bird and Rosina Umelo –

Central Asia

Anniversaries, feasts and celebrations in the Altaic world: proceedings of the 54th Annual Meeting of the Permanent International Altaistic Conference (PIAC), Bloomington, Indiana USA July 10-15, 2011 / edited by Alicia Campi. –

China and Tibet

The Muslim merchants of premodern China: the history of a maritime Asian trade diaspora, 750-1400 / John W. Chaffee. –

The population of Shanghai (1865-1953): a sourcebook / Edited by Christian Henriot, Shi Lu, Charlotte Aubrun. –

Reading Sima Qian from Han to Song: the father of history in pre-modern China / by Esther Sunkyung Klein. –

Near and Middle East

Recording village life: a Coptic scribe in early Islamic Egypt / Jennifer A. Cromwell. –

South Asia

Cult of a dark hero: Nicholson of Delhi / Stuart Flinders; foreword by Sir Mark Tully. –

India, empire, and First World War culture: writings, images, and songs / Santanu Das. –

The nonviolent struggle for Indian freedom, 1905-19 / David Hardiman –

Southeast Asia

Prisoners of the Sumatra Railway: narratives of history and memory / Lizzie Oliver. –


Comparative and thematic

Empathy and History: Historical Understanding in Re-enactment, Hermeneutics and Education / Tyson Retz. –

After the map: cartography, navigation, and the transformation of territory in the twentieth century / William Rankin. –

The Joy of Sets: A Short History of the Television / Chris Horrocks –

Bringing war to book: writing and producing the military memoir / Rachel Woodward –

Imperial defence: the old world order 1856-1956 / edited by Greg Kennedy. –

Islamic Reform and Arab Nationalism: Expanding the Crescent from the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean (1880s-1930s). -/ Amal Ghazal –

Conceptualizing the world: an exploration across disciplines / Edited by Helge Jordheim and Erling Sandmo –

Bombing the city: civilian accounts of the Air War in Britain and Japan, 1939-1945 / Aaron William Moore. –

A Guide to Reading Herodotus’ Histories. / Sean Sheehan –

American & Canadian history

From windfall to curse? : oil and industrialization in Venezuela, 1920 to the present / Jonathan Di John. –

Chinese porcelain in colonial Mexico: the material worlds of an early modern trade / Meha Priyadarshini. –

Regional histories


A history of African popular culture / Karin Barber. –

China and Tibet

After the post-cold war: the future of Chinese history / Dai Junha ; edited and with an introduction by Lisa Rofel.

The Qing Dynasty and traditional Chinese culture / Richard J. Smith. –

Chinese porcelain in colonial Mexico: the material worlds of an early modern trade / Meha Priyadarshini. –

Stretching the Qing Bureaucracy in the 1826 Sea-Transport Experiment. / Jane Kate Leonard –

The cosmopolitan dream: transnational Chinese masculinities in a global age / edited by Derek Hird and Geng Song. –

Animals through Chinese history: earliest times to 1911 / edited by Roel Sterckx, Martina Siebert, Dagmar Schäfer. – [Open access]

Qing travellers to the Far West: diplomacy and the information order in late imperial China / Jenny Huangfu Day. –

Indian Ocean region

Abraham’s luggage: a social life of things in the medieval Indian Ocean world / Elizabeth A. Lambourn –

 Japan and Korea

The tales of the Heike / translated by Burton Watson; edited, with an introduction, by Haruo Shirane. –

Near and Middle East

The Holy See and the emergence of the modern Middle East: Benedict XV’s diplomacy in Greater Syria (1914-1922) / Agnes de Dreuzy. –

 South Asia

India, empire, and First World War culture: writings, images, and songs / Santanu Das –

Europe’s India: words, people, empires, 1500-1800 / Sanjay Subrahmanyam. –

The Hindu family and the emergence of modern India: law, citizenship and community / Eleanor Newbigin. –


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