The Realities of Covid-19 in Yemen 10 years after the Arab Spring

By Leanne Rantell|May 31, 2021|Seminar Series|0 comments

‘The realities of Covid-19 in Yemen, 10 years after the Arab Spring’ is the second webinar of our 2020/21 Seminar series. The session included a discussion with Abdi Ismail about the effect of Covid-19, the continuing humanitarian crisis and how the international community is combating the conflict. Followed by a Q&A session from SOAS students on the situation in Yemen and a career in the humanitarian sector.

Speaker: Abdi Ismail, ICRC Head of Mission Aden, Yemen

Chairs: Dr. Laura Hammond, Lecturer, Development Studies, SOAS and Dr. Althea-Maria Rivas, Lecturer, Development Studies, SOAS

Discussants: Leanne Rantell, MSc Humanitarianism, Aid and Conflict and Maegan Rodricks, MSc Humanitarianism, Aid and Conflict

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