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By bd18|August 5, 2016|CeFIMS|2 comments

In July Dr Richard Alexander, of the Centre for Financial and Management Studies, had a flying visit to Nigeria where he visited CeFIMS distance learning students and alumni in Abuja and Lagos.

“The visit to Nigeria provided a very useful opportunity to learn from the students, face to face, their experiences of the programme.  It was even more valuable for the students, who made clear how much they appreciated the chance to discuss their studies with CeFiMS staff.  The students in Abuja particularly expressed their appreciation as they found travelling to Lagos for such a meeting challenging.  The networking event in Lagos was also a great success.” – Dr Alexander.

If you’re a SOAS alum and you missed out on this event, you can still register for the SOAS Alumni Reunion in October and be part of the university’s centenary celebrations and Global Alumni Month. Find out more here.


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  1. Hello. I have been a distance learning student with SOAS (CeFiMS), since a long time ago. I have completed with CeFiMS, SOAS, a “Postgraduate Diploma in Economic Principles”, and then an MSc in “Development Finance”. I am currently, enrolled at the MSc programme in “Public Financial Management”. These distance learning programmes have been very fruitful to me, on an intellectual level, and academic level. They have allowed me to be a part-time university teacher in Economics at the American University of Beirut (AUB).

    However, as you are well aware, becoming a full-time teacher at a University, and hence realizing your full potential intellectually and academically, now requires a PhD. Since, SOAS has been a pioneer in distance learning, I propose that it starts a distance-learning PhD. progrmme (or at least a flexible requiring, brief stays in London), especially that there has been talk of this for quiet some time. Knowing, that the University of Birmingham, who has a much shorter experience with distance learning, has officially started such a program.

    This would benefit greatly your distance-learning students, especially those coming from developing countries like me, and who cannot afford to spend long stays in London. Or, those who cannot afford to leave their jobs and family commitments. If, you can’t do it, who can?!

    I am Sorry for this long comment, but I found it necessary to state my case clearly.
    Best regards, and Merry Christmas.

    Iyad El-Khalil

    Beirut, Lebanon

    1. Hi Iyad!

      Thanks for your comment, it’s great to hear you’ve had such a great experience with us. I appreciate you taking the time to state your case for a distance learning PhD and will ensure that these comments are passed onto the right people.

      Many thanks
      SOAS Distance Learning

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