Yoga’s (not so) distant relatives

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Event details: SOAS CYS summer course, 2022 This post written by: Lea Stiller We asked a student on our summer course to write a few reflections provoked by their time studying with us. When I first started studying Sanskrit, our teacher asked a question: “Who came here because of Yoga? And who came here because of Buddhism?” Around the same number of students raised their hands for each of these

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My first paper was challenging and exhilarating

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Event details: SOAS CYS Post-graduate student conference, 2021 Event recording: YouTube This post written by: Scott Lamps The opportunity to present a 15 minute talk or ‘paper’ at SOAS’s Post-Graduation Student Conference was my first such experience. I have presented and taught in many other disciplines, but the scholarly format and audience were new for me.  I am a longtime practitioner of yoga. In the premodern texts of yoga, the concept of samādhi has

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