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Hi, I’m Anna. 

Forever fascinated by life and human experience, I have a deep interest in how and why we are the way we are, in the body-mind system and beyond. I began analysing my own journey many years ago and found the tools of yoga and meditation invaluable. After years of regular practice, numerous workshops and talks, and a couple of yoga teacher trainings, I decided to broaden my personal research and join SOAS for the MA in Traditions of Yoga and Meditation programme. My areas of particular interest are body-mind and selfhood viewed through a psychological lens. 

Aside from yoga studies, I have been involved with Mind Charity facilitating yoga for service users diagnosed with psychosis, schizophrenia, complex PTSD and others. It has been incredibly satisfying. Another charity project I have worked on is Patients’ Stories for Open Minds, for which I wrote a short story based on life experiences of one of the service users. This has been more eye-opening and rewarding on so many levels than I could ever imagine.

I love to read and I love to write. You can find a few articles in my journal on, a passion project I hope to grow with time. And, of course, when the short story is published, I will share the link to that. I will also be taking over the Understanding of Yoga Studies project at SOAS, stay tuned.

I feel honoured to be a representative for SOAS Centre of Yoga Studies and look forward to connecting with you soon. 

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