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As we slowly gather a library of recordings of our talks, we’re starting to tag our online content with hashtags that will help you orient yourselves what we have to offer. We’ve looked quite carefully at the results of our survey earlier this year and our aim is not to ‘accurately’ label content and events. Our aim is to help those who are into a particular kind of yoga-related research, so that you can find those talks more easily.

We will use more than one hashtag at a time, but not so many that you get long lists of hashtags. Instead most events and videos will be labelled with at least 3 hashtags: era, area and approach. Era describes whether the speaker is talking about premodern history, the development of modern yoga, or contemporary issues. Area describes broad cultural and religious categories such as Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. Approach describes the disciplinary approach of the scholar, such as philology, or sociology. We’ll also tag book launches and other special events.

For example, Lubomír Ondračka’s talk Is the Bengali Nāth literature really Nāth? would be labelled #PremodernHistory #Hinduism #Philology. And Seth Powell and Melanie Klein’s discussion Yoga, accessibility and disability, would be labelled #PremodernHistory #DevelopmentOfModernYoga #ContemporaryIssues #Philology #Sociology

Hopefully this will help us all celebrate the great diversity of research now being produced within Yoga Studies, and better appreciate the different contributions made by scholars from diverse disciplines and specialisms.

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