Afghan Refugees: Personal Reflections by Nazes Afroz

By Sunil Pun|October 1, 2021|Afghanistan, Politics|0 comments

Written and Photographed by Nazes Afroz Since 1979, with the Soviet intervention in Afghanistan, the Afghans had formed the third-largest displaced people in the world, behind the Syrians and Venezuelans in the last four decades. There are still 2.2 million Afghan refugees living in neighbouring countries. With the fall of the Taliban after the US-led war in 2001, many Afghans returned, hoping to rebuild their nation. In June 2002, I

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Free Trial to the FO Files for India, Pakistan and Afghanistan- 1947-1980

By Farzana Whitfield|May 12, 2015|Afghanistan, General, History, India, Pakistan|0 comments

We have an exciting offer of a free trial to the FO Files for India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan for the period 1947-1980 Many departments, students and researchers will find this digital archive relevant and resourceful for a number of subject disciplines, including History, Politics, Development Studies, Economics, Near Middle Eastern Studies (Afghanistan), South East Asian Studies (Burma) and South Asian Studies. Access is from this link: