July Highlights from SOAS Research Online

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July Highlights from SOAS Research Online (Text-only version)

Download statistics

63,808 downloads in July 2020 – this is an 22% increase from July 2019

3,847,844 total downloads from 234 countries and dependencies.

Most downloaded authors in July 2020

  1. Khan, Mushtaq : 1,432 downloads
  2. George, Andrew : 1,200 downloads
  3. Volz, Ulrich : 652 downloads
  4. Onyema, Emilia : 601 downloads
  5. Hill, Nathan W. : 574 downloads
  6. Fine, Ben : 483 downloads
  7. Flügel, Peter : 471 downloads
  8. Osella, Caroline : 411 downloads
  9. Tudor, Alyosxa: 407 downloads
  10. Schwarz, Gary: 375 downloads

1.Most downloaded item in July:

Hassaan, Rahmani B.M.R. (1959) The educational movement of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, 1858-1898.

PhD thesis. Downloaded 1,349 times in July

2.Highest Altmetric score…

Shah, Alpa and Lerche, Jens (2020) ‘Migration and the Invisible Economies of Care: Production, social reproduction and seasonal migrant labour in India.’ Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers.

Altmetric score of 58 including mention a news outlet and a blog. Get the full text from SOAS Research Online

3.Recent Thesis of note…

Muraleedharan, Sruthi (2019) Symbolic encounters : identity, performativity and democratic subjectivity in contemporary India

This 2019 thesis already has 386 downloads from 37 countries

4.Open Access Content

In July 108 new items were deposited and we provided immediate Open Access to 39 of them. Including articles from the newly published:

SOAS Journal of Postgraduate Research, Vol.12. A special issue on MOBILITIES : Social Sciences and Humanities without Borders

For more information, contact us:



On Twitter : @SOAS_Research

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