Examining the durable solutions capacities in Kismayo and Afgoye

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Aweis Ahmed, Farhia Mohamud, Mahad Wasuge Internal displacement and refugee repatriation in Somalia are closely tied to the dynamics of climate change and environmental degradation, and in addition to a highly volatile security context. Somalia is currently experiencing severe drought caused by successive failures of the rains, resulting in the third food emergency in a decade. Looking at the ways people have responded to previous periods of acute food shortages,

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A theoretically decentralized but internally centralized system: How Kismayo municipality deals with emergencies

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Aweis Ahmed Somalia adopted a federal system in 2004, almost two decades ago, and its implementation started in 2013, almost a decade ago. I expected that the decentralization of power from the federal government to the regional states would pave the way for the decentralization of delivery services to local communities. However, during my fieldwork in Jubaland’s interim capital, Kismayo, I felt that a strict centralized structure exists within the

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