Bridging the gap: environmental change, mobility and policy in Ethiopia’s Somali Region and Somaliland

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Abdirahman Ahmed, Mohamed Fadal, Maissoun Hussein, Padmini Iyer, Louisa Brain Environment and mobility are closely linked in a myriad of complex and contextualised ways. Environmental change, in conjunction with a range of overlapping economic, political, social and demographic factors, influences migration patterns and preferences in the Horn of Africa (HoA). These phenomena – and the associated pressures on livelihoods, such as decreased availability of water and pasture for animals, deteriorating

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Closing the environment-migration gap in climate policy and programmes in the Horn of Africa

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This blog series is related to the REF’s ongoing study on climate change and migration in the Horn of Africa. This research study is being carried out in Ethiopia (Somali Region), Kenya (Tana River County) and Somaliland (Togdheer and Maroodijeex regions). The study investigates how people use migration as a strategy for adapting to environmental change and how people’s circumstances and profiles influence their migration decisions. The study also explores

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