Call for working papers

The EUTF-funded Research and Evidence Facility (REF) was created to conduct research to generate a better understanding of the drivers of instability, migration, and displacement in the greater Horn of Africa with the aim of informing EU policy towards the region and supporting the programming of activities under the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa. The research explores the drivers and dynamics of irregular migration, displacement and conflict in the region.

Research Themes
There are 5 themes that the REF is specifically focusing on:

  1. Rural – urban mobility and linkages
  2. Experiences and impacts of voluntary, involuntary and diasporic return, including reintegration of ex-combatants
  3. Impacts of development changes on people’s movement choices and patterns of mobility
  4. Dynamics of cross-border economies and centre/periphery relations
  5. Migration management systems and their impacts on mobility patterns within the Horn of Africa

In addition to in-depth primary research related to each of these themes, the REF team is establishing a working paper series to showcase related research being undertaken by researchers in and/or on the region. Papers may be related to the themes noted above (on an unsolicited basis). From time to time, the REF may also issue a Call for Proposals in response to a particular information request made by the EU Trust Fund for Africa.

Papers should be:

  • Original works presenting data that the author(s) have already collected (papers that have already been published or submitted for distribution in the same form will not be considered).
  • No longer than 8000 words.
  • Explore or relate to the above themes or the theme contained in a Call for Proposals as they affect any part of the Greater Horn of Africa (defined by the EU Trust Fund as Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda).

Authors will receive an honorarium of €500 per paper, payable upon receipt and acceptance of the final paper. Paper proposals, based on submission of an abstract of not more than 500 words, and a one-page c.v., will be reviewed by the REF Editorial Team, and decisions about acceptances will be based on relevance to the research theme, balance of coverage with other areas of research, and likely interest in the topic. Decisions made by the REF Editorial Team will be final.

Commissioned papers will be peer-reviewed. Final papers will be posted on the REF website and disseminated to our networks.

Once accepted, Working Papers may be submitted for publication to journals or book editors provided the REF Working Paper series is acknowledged. Authors should check with publishers to determine whether there are any restrictions on publishing material previously made available as a Working Paper.

When submitting either an unsolicited proposal or responding to a Call for Proposals, please submit an abstract of 500 words and a one-page c.v. to lb64[at]

Unsolicited proposals will be considered on an ongoing basis. Calls for Proposals will contain specific application deadlines.